When it comes to creating a bdsm profile that will attract the kinkster of your life (or just one night), honesty really is the best policy. But, as we explain, you should also be unique and, of course, use recent pictures. Follow our tips below, and you'll soon have plenty filling up your inbox.


Now that you've found the best fetish dating site, you'll need to think about how to construct an online bdsm profile. The facts of fetish dating are that some profiles are unlikely to get a response. Indeed, a bdsm profile named ‘genericslave345’ for a man with no picture or text is unlikely to get any response, whereas ‘Mistress Appealing’ with photos, a descriptive profile and location is likely to be inundated with responses.

Understanding why people respond – and looking at the probabilities of getting responses – can help you enormously when you're putting together your bdsm profile. This short guide will help you write the text for your fetish dating profile, constructing it in a way that will get you the best possible quantity and quality of responses.


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Honesty is the best policy

Being honest when constructing your bdsm profile is important. Unless you're a troll who exists in a world of pure fantasy, and for whom meeting in real life will never happen, then it should have some correspondence with everyday life.

Of course, people will not expect you to detail every flaw. However, even a small lie, particularly concerning your weight or height, may come back to haunt you when you meet someone in real life. It can even destroy any trust that there may have been in the first place, making it impossible for you to maintain a real-world relationship. It's also important to be honest about your fetish so that you do not mislead the person who you're meeting.

Some submissive men are aware of the large number of them in relation to dominant women on dating sites. Therefore, they pretend they're dominant (or a switch) and then reveal their submissive nature later on. This is not an honest approach and is unlikely to produce a good response when you finally meet someone. You may also consider that your fetish is extreme and not want to share all the details of this. As long as you're not doing anything illegal, it's better for you to be upfront, even if you don't want to give out every detail at this stage.


Be unique

There's no doubt that the greater the detail in your BDSM profile, the higher the probability that you'll get replies. Try to make your profile unique so that it stands out from others. It's important to give a description of your physical features, such as height and build. Such things matter to many people and are not necessarily superficial.

You should also include some details about your personality. If you're an extrovert, then you should express this in your text. If you like staying in, then it's also best to let your potential partner know. Also, let people know the exact details of your fetish. If you're a dominant woman, describe what sort of scenes you enjoy, what you like to wear, and what you're looking for in a slave. Such details may make it more likely that you'll receive replies and, most importantly, receive the sorts of replies you want.


BDSM profile photo
The photo for your BDSM profile could your personality and fetish


Picture perfect BDSM profile

Using photos is essential to attract responses. Evidence suggests that people are much more likely to reply to a fetish dating profile if it has a photograph. Do use a picture that is accurate and up to date. There's nothing worse than meeting someone in real life who is 20 years older than their profile suggests. It's also important to take a clear photograph. You may not want to show your face in your profile – although you are much more likely to get a response if you do. It's important that the photo shows some detail about what you actually look like.

One question that people have is whether your fetish dating profile should show you dressed in fetish gear, or in a pose which demonstrates your fetish. This can increase the number of responses. However, you may also decide to include pictures that demonstrate interests outside of fetish. This can add a new dimension to your profile and show people that you are not just focused on a particular fetish, and will be a fun person to meet in real life.


What are the odds?

It's a good idea to think about the odds of meeting a particular partner on a fetish site. There are usually more submissive men than dominant women on sites, meaning there's lots of competition for dominatrices if you're a submissive male. Thinking about the probability of meeting a dominant woman, it's a good idea to follow the above tips to make sure that you have a good chance of finding one.

Use pictures, describe in-depth and (if possible) outline your experience in the scene. If you adopt a friendly, outgoing demeanour, you could find that all of your fantasies can come true in real life.

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Do you agree with our fetish dating tips for writing a successful BDSM profile? What gets you the best response to your Fetish.com profile? And what do you expect to see in another kinkster's profile? Share your thoughts in the Fetish.com forum
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I am interested in joining a fetish site that would allow me to me some people that are into this lifestyle, I am interested , but have never done before. how , can I go about finding some dates

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