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Gender Man
Age 53
Status Single
Height 176cm
Body shape Curvy
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Redhead
Hair length Short
Beard Goatie
Orientation Straight
Ethnicity Caucasian white
Body hair Some hair
Zodiac sign Virgo

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I'm a Daddy Dom seeking a special little lady to take under my wing... To nurture, to encourage, to teach, and to punish.


as discussed between my Sub and I.

My roles & archetype gives you… is like an appetizing smorgasbord in Letchworth Garden City with lots of hot guys to meet up with. Have a look around first if you prefer to see who’s around, or if you know what you want, search by selecting the right category "Kinky Dating”. Nobody stays alone here for long! has tons going on!

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Please Daddy?

Encapsulates the dynamic just as it should be...

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I know better... I do

Beautiful. X

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Absolutely delightful... a little slut treated just right.

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Playtime, pt1
The door closed behind me with a solid click, my hand quickly turning the lock, before wrapping around her waist, pulling her close. Her deep red lips met mine, then parted, our tongues met, twisting, turning playing across each other. Her full breasts crushed against my chest. My hand moved up to Read more…her hair, before making a fist and pulling back.
Her eyes were wide, her lips parted as she gasped. I smiled and told her to remove the dress, helping her by sliding the zip down.
Within a seconds she stood before me, her matching underwear perfectly accentuating her figure. Her legs, stocking clad, her calves given a beautiful shape by the high heeled shoes. She looked incredible.
I slowly walked around her, letting my finger tips gently brush against her soft skin, trailing over the soft material. I moved close behind her, my body pressed against her back, my lips close to her ear as I whispered exactly what I planned to do to her over the next couple of hours. Her breathing getting deeper with each word.
With barely a flick of my fingers the bra strap came apart and I slowly eased the straps from her shoulders and withdrew the lace, letting it fall to the floor.
Telling her not to move I removed my jacket, and rolled my sleeves up a little. I walked over to the dressing table and and took a long length of black rope, unwinding it and running it through my hands as I walked back to stand before her. I smiled once more, letting my fingers stroke her cheek, brushing across her lips, making her smile too.
I slipped the doubled up rope around her waist and looped it into place, shuffling it higher so that it sat just below her beautiful, rose tipped breasts. I took the separate strands and wound them over her shoulders, looping in and out of each other, and around her body until the pattern was complete, the rope securely tied behind her back. Her breasts intimately encased in the black rope. Her long hair cascading over her shoulders, she looked perfect.
I took my phone from my pocket, adjusted the camera settings and took several angled, artful and very sexy shots. Phone away once more I let me warm hands play across the rope, and her breasts. Her proud prominent nipples reaching out for my touch.
Rolling them between finger and thumb I slowly increased the pressure until her lips parted and her eyes closed just for a second. I released them, letting the blood flow back in, before repeating the action, this time a little firmer then the last. I repeated the action again, making sure to look into her beautiful eyes as I did.
I could see the determination there, the hint of defiance. It took two more repeats, and increases in pressure, before she let out the soft cry that I was craving. And she earned a long deep kiss as her reward.
I released the rope, unwinding it slowly before letting it too fall to the floor. I gave her the next instruction, and without a word she slide her underwear down to the floor, walked across the room, her stride slow and purposeful in the beautiful shoes before bending down at the hips, resting her elbows on the bed.
I walked past, letting my fingers trail gently across her exposed backside as I made way to the dressing table and paused to select my first item...
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UnderMyToes Awesome erotica.. very nice Awesome erotica.. very nice
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The light from the open fire sparkled in her eyes as we sat across the table from each other. I lifted the glass and sipped the deep rich red wine, savouring the taste as I listened to her anecdote.
She was animated, smiling broadly as she told the tale of a past misadventure, although I'll freely Read more…admit that her deep red lipstick was proving something of a distraction, as indeed was the slightly low cut of her beautiful dark green dress.
The pub was dark and dusky, warm and wintery. I'd chosen it purposefully, this wasn't our first meet, but it was a significant one, and I wanted it to be perfect.
Her fingers gracefully wrapped around the stem of her glass, I'd noticed the nail varnish was a perfect match for her lips, I do love such attention to detail. Her story told she raised her glass took a long sip, before brushing her hair behind one ear, and smiled at me.
Her eyes captivated me, locked into mine as I made a light hearted comment and she laughed, a little nervously I thought. I reached out and took her free hand, her warm fingers entwined in mine. We both knew why we were there, what we wanted, what we needed from each other, that heady mix of nervous excitement coursing through us both.
I stood up from table, still holding her hand as she too rose. With a nod to the barman we walked out of the large oak door and across the small courtyard to one of the private suites.
Taking the key from my pocket I opened the door, the room was lit by a small table lamp, but there was enough light to see the range of equipment I'd previously laid out on the dressing table. She turned to me, biting her lower lip, her chest rising and falling as I pulled her close for a kiss.
I back heeled the door closed. It was time to begin...
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He watches as the first flush of redness slowly blossoms on her skin. The little lopsided grin she likes so much clear on his face as he brings his right arm back again and down strongly on the other side.
Her sharp intake of breath makes his eyes close for a split second, it's a sound he loves to Read more…hear, a sound he loves to cause, a sound that makes his heart race.
He pauses then, moves along the bed. He reaches out and strokes her face. Her eyes are closed but she smiles at his soft touch, he gives her pain and comfort, the perfect blend.
There are no words spoken, no need for words, they know one another so well. He trails his finger tips up over her shoulder, and down her back, nails digging just a little as she arches up to meet his touch.
Then another resounding slap fills the air as his hand comes down once more. Several impacts then in quick succession, her risen cheeks now red, hot. She wriggles a little, side to side, her breath coming in short gasps as she processes the sensations filling her body, calming her mind.
More follow, grouped in twos and threes, with pauses between each set, some long, some hardly there at all. He gently strokes her cheeks, feels the heat he has made. His hand slowly edges lower until he feels the wetness on his finger tips. She let's out a soft moan and her body relaxes, eager for his touch. But it is fleeting, a tease. She will feel that touch, and so much more, but not yet.
In the silence that follows she knows he is looking at her, knows that his pale blue eyes are devouring every inch of her naked body. It makes her squirm just a little, uncomfortable to be under such scrutiny. But she also knows that he loves every curve of her body, every slight imperfection that makes her unique. It is her gift to him, she is his, completely.
Her eyes are still closed but she senses a change in the air, just before she hears the metallic sound of the unbuckling of his belt.
She can picture it, his long thick black leather belt, slipping through the loops. The leather creaking as he takes a firm grip. It's something they have discussed, but something she's never experienced.
He detects a slight tensing of her body. He moves along the bed once more, and pushes her hair away from her face. After a second her eyes open and look deeply into his. Again no words are needed, her soft smile is all. He leans lower to gently kiss her lips. Her eyes close once more.
His grip on the leather secure, he calms himself, takes a deep breath and brings his arm back.
Hours later her eyes open. It's dark outside but he's left a lamp on the far side of the room. She looks across at him, sleeping deeply, even then there's a slight grin on his face.
She pushes back the covers and walks to the bathroom silently. The bright light comes on automatically as she walks in, she tries to ignore the naked vision she sees in the full length mirror, he loves that view, and that's what matters.
She reaches back and brushes one hand across her cheeks, they are still emitting heat, and she can feel the risen wields caused by his belt. She turns and see the marks he has given her, the gifts he had bestowed upon her. She gasps out loud, and smiles. They are beautiful.
She pads softly back to the bed, and slips beneath the covers. She reaches out with one hand and rests it on his chest, her fingers gently twisting the hairs.
The smile still in place she closes her eyes and drifts back to sleep. Contented.
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GoodGirlBetterBrat This is so beautifully written, and so emotive. This is so beautifully written, and so emotive.
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CosmicAngel This is lovely 😍 This is lovely 😍
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SenDom33 You captured the moment, and all the things that matter most, so well!
Thanks for sharing You captured the moment, and all the things that matter most, so well!
Thanks for sharing
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I arrive...
I walk through the door and see you there, just as I had instructed. Perfectly prepared, kneeling, head bowed.
I close the door and carefully put my bag down, my eyes never leaving you. I can see your breathing deepening as I slowly walk forward.
You turn your hands as instructed opening yourself Read more…for me, an offering of your submission. I allow myself a half smile.
I reach down carefully, one hand under your chin and gently lift your head. Your beautiful eyes sparkling up at me. Your perfect lips slightly parted, your chest rising and falling.
I walk around you, taking my suit jacket off, rolling up my sleives. Standing close behind you I stroke your long hair, I hear you sigh. Suddenly I take a firm grip with one hand and pull back sharply, making you gasp loudly.
My free hand slips over your shoulder, across the top of your chest, up your stretched neck and over your chin to your red lips.
You open your mouth a little more and two fingers slip inside. As I bend down close and whisper 'you are mine'
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She waits...
The living room clock gently chimes the hour, she checks her watch. One hour to go... it's time to prepare.
She has already showered and washed her hair. She knows he expects the best, and that is what he will get.
She sits at the dressing table and begins to apply her make up. Minimal, subtle, Read more…just as he likes it. A fresh coat of the nail varnish follows. Pausing for a moment she looks in the mirror, a deep breath. She needs this, she craves this. It makes her feel at peace.
She stands, and starts to undress. The lingerie he picked out for her is laid in readiness on the bed. She slips into it slowly, carefully, adjusting the straps. Everything has to be just right. The shoes too are there ready, the heels she knows he loves her wearing.
She stands before the full length mirror, adjusting her hair, straightening each strap and smoothing the silk. She allows herself a small smile, she knows she looks good. A sudden electric charge runs up through her body. The excitment building.
She looks across at the bedroom clock, ten minutes, perfect. She scans the room quickly, everything is just right. Another deep breath and she steps out, slowly down the stairs and into the hallway.
She pauses for a moment, closes her eyes, and runs through his earlier instructions. Yes, she has everything in place.
Another smile as she stands facing the door, and then slowly sinks to her knees. Legs folded, back straight. Her head bowed, her eyes open, her heart beating wildly in her chest.
She places her hands palm down on her thighs just above her knees. And waits.
Just as the living room clock chimes the hour she hears the key sliding into the lock and her heart jumps. Of course he is exactly on time. Trying hard to keep her heart steady as she hears the door open and he walks in.
The door closes and he carefully places his bag on the floor. She hears his easy confident stride as he walks toward her. She is desperate to look up at him, but she knows the rules.
She can see his smart shoes as he stands before her. She slowly turns her hands, palm upwards, offering herself openly. He makes her wait just a little before be bends down and gently but firmly lifts her chin. She raises her head slowly and looks into his clear, pale blue eyes.
No words, one touch, one look. That's all it takes and she is his, entirely.
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