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Don't tolerate that. Say what you need before you ever have a session either a new person. Should always have been discussed in detail. Then if they don't follow up with what was requested...leave...

A good dom will never leave a sub like that.
Figure out what aftercare you require so that you can communicate clearly exactly what you need in detail. If you have tried to voice it at the time I'm assuming post play, if you are in a floaty hazy state, they may also be in a post play state of their own. Have the discussions before play or getting intimate, get to know them first, gauge what their views and opinions on things that are important to you.
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This, unfortunately my beautiful friend is vastly become the norm for some and a poor show
in his or hers training. First you really have to stop thinking that this is a (Scene) there’s no
Rehearsal, practice runs!’ THIS IS REAL! or is it ☺️🥰… I can walk into any room in any part of the world and scanned for danger or something that not usually doesn’t belong there in that room, for example you walk into the royal opera house in Covent Garden and observe practically every one wearing evening dinner wear (men) smoking 🚬 and (women) evening dinner gown!! of which I’m sure you would look absolutely GORGEOUS in one 😍… but suddenly the only thing/object or person that grabs all of your attention is a ‘Butcher’ standing in his in the middle wearing his *** stained aprons (it grabs your attention!) do you get what I
mean! The pleasure only begins when you actively take part , your observations , the things you see in the room it strokes at the anxiety of your thoughts, it makes your hands sweat as you guest what’s going to happen next!! 🥰😍

I have been living the ‘Dream’ of pleasure and pure imagination and sex appeal as a lifestyle for over 11 years…I am a Dom and have to say, I’ve never left a partner or been left alone by myself. EVER! Why!! Because, this is all about ‘You’ your journey and your pleasure 😍 and I am merely a facilitator that assists you in finding the pleasure, that orgasm! So, a typical day in the life of ‘ChohanFaz’ one I love all of my friends that have been with me, embolden in our own mixed loves juices.

First.: a cordial meeting, a friendly gathering in which I ask you a few questions:
For example:

1 Do you have any issues concerning your participation in Anal sex or Oral sex? If yes, what is it that scares you-makes
You feel nervous.. (WHY) because if I can resolve that *** by treating it with kindness, love and care then I will have helped overcome the *** and leave my bed completely soaking wet haha 😛(that I really don’t mind 😝.


Embedding a word that brings you
Eminence relief when you scream it which will trigger my safeguarding procedures; also embedded in my mind and automatically stops me! With the desired effect or me running over to you to embrace you ask if I hurt you or if you’re in *** because I care about you! 😍. You are in this lifestyle and people should note that Sub/Slaves are here for our excitement as well as their own fantasy!! It will not happen again because you will not go back to this un educated in the acts of BSDM and pretender! Remember ***, GBH and physical *** are still nine tenth of the law in this our united kingdom’Stiles’ always protect yourself that’s is equally transmitted to everyone here please 🙏

I will always be here if anyone needs me ..
In that situation I would take that as an indicator to leave and not entertain that person again, if they aren't even bothered to attend tend to your needs much less heat your concerns they don't respect you.
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