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Guys into anal play (receiving)

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This is just for the sake of curiosity of how many guys are into being on the receiving end of alot of anal play. It's aslo for women who are into doing the driving, The women who like to use toys, dildos, vibrators on guys and those into strapon play. I can't be the only one ??? So I would love to get some feedback, thoughts and comments from the girls and the guys, I'm 58 years old and I have fun with it a few times a week. For the most part it's mostly  ass play with myself for the reason of not having much luck with finding women for that kind of play. There have been a few occasions when I did and I loved it !!! I / we use anything and everything from fingers, eggs, vibrators and anal beeds to large dildos, cucumbers, water and soda bottles. Whatever's around for having fun with seeing if it it will fit and spending time working  with it to see if you can make it fit. Don't get me wrong I it's not me being the one receiving that I like. I love ass play period and I have fun with being the giver too. I just love it more when it's them doing me !!!! Is that in anyway strange ???



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this has come up a few times (if you go into the playroom sub-forum there are two threads on it on the front page)

so, yes, it's popular.

not at all dude im the same love giving but there is something that is entirely satisfying about having a women giving it
Different stroke for different folks. I commend you for taking the time and effort to figure out what you like with out falling horribly into a category. However, although I myself don't enjoy receiving... Giving someone that pleasure feels me in that regard. Job well don't sir
My first experience receiving it was when I was very young, I went over to my friends house and he was gay to which I didn't know but we slept together in his room and to my surprise I felt him pulling my trousers down to give me anul I said can you lubricate it first so he sucked me for about 10 minutes before bending me over the bed (quite forcefully) and he fucked me till I couldn't take the pain...
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I very much enjoy anal play. Using my finger or toys. I've been strap-on fucked once and want to do it again.