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Should I use my powers for evil?!


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A barista in my local coffee shop seems to have the hots for me and has increasingly become a hot, tongue-tied mess whenever I order my coffee. It's so cute. 


I've been a regular for years and she may have become aware I split with my girlfriend a year ago .


It's really cute that she used into me. I am pretty sure I'm not imagining it.

I actually like her emotionally  don't think we would make a good long term match. I think she likes the way I come over as masculine but approachable and kind. We have very brief conversations when I'm ordering. I genuinely want the best for her. 


So. How to respond ?


I'll tell you some more..


If she doesn't take my order she always looks over at me and will meet my eye when  look back and smile 


One time she went as purple as a beetroot when I was talking to her. Bless the silly lamb🩵


So a question particularly for the women:

How to I use this power I have for good?


1) Remain mysterious - so she can continue her "he's a hot guy - I go to pieces over", fantasy .


2) Ask on a date and explore a seduction of  her but make it clear it's not long term. 

3) Ask for her Facebook contact and get to know her a little, possibly bursting her "he's so hot fantasy"


4) Something else


Any thoughts? 







4a. Give her a legitimate chance to show you who she, in fact, is…without preconceived notions about long term compatibility. Give her the chance to prove you wrong. Just like with maintaining structure in a D/s dynamic, if you can’t clearly and effectively articulate why a certain rule or routine is in place for the sub’s growth, it’s not worth obeying. If you don’t know why you don’t think she’d be right for you long term, you shouldn’t listen to yourself either. You never know…she might spend all day waiting to see you again tomorrow morning.
This is a universal type occurrence i believe,

the responses are governed by the individual motivation to progress, why not just be natural and disarming by the usual opening of the door by asking if she has someone, if she has ok done, if not you just opened another door and can remove any masks you both might wear,

ask if she would mind you taking her out using those words to buy her a coffee, I’m sure you will both discover much about each other,

an open mind to what dictates suitable long mid or short term suitability may be your own natural predjudice or “ism” taboo,

I do hope that you yoy both have an enjoyable informed consenting date and fun, maybe more, find out no, life is too short, you may have met your match, time will tell and best of wishes for you both good luck too!
I think you should make an effort to ask her on a date at this point, something simple like dinner or coffee. Because you can’t actually be sure that she really does like you or want to see you more or that she’s available etc. Be prepared to be turned down, and then will you feel awkward going in there in the future? Also, I’m curious why you’ve already decided that she’s not suitable for anything long term without even getting to know her
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Lola, I'm sure you do that sometimes with people? I hope you have sometimes been wrong🙂


She'd seems to think I'm her type. So perhaps my intuition is wrong. Which is why I'm thinking I should ask her on that date.  If we handle it well it needn't be awkward.


Thanks for your input .

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