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Personal details

Gender Woman
Age 38
Status Not single
Height 160cm
Weight 63kg
Body shape Curvy
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Blond
Hair length Middle
Ethnicity Mixed race
Origin USA
Pubic Hair Part shaved
Body hair None
Breast size C
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Languages English

About me

I’m looking for:


I have always been very interested in many things kink related,particularly shibari which I have taken up, but have only now in my thirties begun to truly explore (save some dabbling here and there with other exploratory individuals). Interested in learning more and hearing from others!

Desires and Fantasies
This is a tricky field for me. I am
More than likely a switch when it all boils down, however I tend to wax more submissive at least up to this point. I don’t like to pigeonhole myself (or anyone for that matter). So my kinks tend to stem
From whomever I am dealing with at the time, as in if I’m into them, then what turns them on turns me on. I do not believe in closing myself off to new experiences- true to my inner Aquarian, I do what feels right when it feels right. My no go’s are anything pertaining to bodily fluids that are not blood or cum. Haha.
I have a masturbation fetish that is rather multifaceted- I am very into edging, in either a giving or receiving capacity. I enjoy watching men in particular, because it gives me a better understanding of their pleasure and how to give or withhold
It effectively. I am however pansexual and so I am attracted to many different types of people.

My roles & archetype gives you…

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