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1 minute ago, Brandeeland said:

I am a patient at the doctors office and he is thorough and rough when I protest he decides to teach me some lessons first being keeping my mouth shut   He performs many exploratory procedures on my body just telling me ok this may hurt a little but do not move or I’ll have to restrain you.  By the end   He has me tied to the table with a inflatable butt plug.  A ball gag  and eye mask my tits are restrained or my nipples have been clipped with weighted balls as have my pussy lips  been clipped and or opened up with a speculum and the doctor by that time prescribes a good fucking will cure all my problems so he climbs up on the table and really takes advantage of his position. I am still tied and plugged and he decides that really rough physical therapy will also be helpful. He starts to use me will paddling my tits or pulling my hair  and he takes his time   He unties me just long enough to add a cuffed spreader bar and now he’s able to position me anyway he wants and force Me to accept nearly all his demands.  If I protest  he punishes. 

Any good doctors out there ?

On 12/8/2020 at 4:05 AM, Dan513 said:

My ultimate fantasy is just an older woman...either mom son or just old/young...Im 36 now but a woman in her 40s 50s or 60s would be amazing...Ive tried my whole life and had no success...lots of success with younger women but none older than me

Yes definitly agree. older women the best. So hot. Want a big older woman!

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I want to be your puppy or pony with my cock showing..tail in my ass. You grab my leash and order me to show my bald cock so u can fondle me til I cum

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I would love a teacher pupil role play or nurse Patient role play


I regain conciousness in a hospital delivery room, I've been stripped of my clothes and strapped down on to a delivery table with my legs raised up in stirrups. As I am trying to clear my head and work out how I got there a very sexy nurse dressed in a latex uniform enters and says to me "Its time for your treatment". 

She approaches towards the feet end of the table and stops, she picks up what looks like a large enema type of syringe with the plunger partly drawn out, shoves the end into my rectum and pushes the plunger.  I feel the sudden shock as my bowels fill with cold lube causing me to gasp in pleasure.

The nurse disposes of the syringe, opens a draw and picks out a large strap on dildo, looks at me smiling and says "Just close your eyes,  relax and enjoy your treatment.  I gasp as she then pushes the dildo up my arse and starts pegging me gradually gaining force as she goes until eventualy I pass out from extacy overload.

This then continues twice a day for a week. :strapon::crazy::flushed:



When You Just Need It
I wrote this a few years ago as a Segway to some role playing my ex and I were into. I recently came across it and wanted to share........

Andre was bored to death. He had just moved up to this city a month ago. He knew absolutely no one aside from his buddy Frank and by proxy his wife Beth. Frank was a good guy but was hardly around and Beth was cool but also worked like crazy. He didn't mind the solitude but he was begining to get restless. The only other person he had met was Beth's friend. She was really sexy but married. They had spoken numerous times and she was a cool chick but that's where it ended. She did get him going though, more so because he hadn't been laid in longer than he would like to think about.
Andre was alone again as Frank was out of town and Beth got called in to work unexpectedly. He was bored and as horny as a high school virgin. He had already beaten off so many times his cock was red and swollen, yet he still had a hankering to go another time. He had come to the decision to rent another porno and abuse himself until he passed out when there was a knock on the door. Stuffing his cock back into his pants and walked over to open the door. Beth's friend was on the other side, dressed to the nines, looking sexier then ever.

"Oh, hey. Um. can you tell Beth I am here and we should get going pronto. I don't want to be late. Tell her I'll be waiting in my car." With that she turned to leave. Andre swore under his breath and called out
"Hold up, shit, she didn't call you or whatever. She got called into work, they couldn't find anyone to cover so she had to go in until they can find someone else. She was optimistic but who knows." with that statement she stops short and spins around to face Andre, the disappointment clear

"Are you fucking serious. Fuck me, I was really looking forward to tonight. I can't believe this shit, I don't want to go home. I had big plans and now they are fucked. Damnit I am so fucking upset"
Feeling sheepish and suddenly aware of how chilly it was he asked
"well why don't you come in for a minute until you can figure out what to do" She noded and followed Andre inside. As they headed to the living room he is turned and said

"Hey it doesn't have to be all bad. Beth seemed hopeful she would be able to go out tonight. Fingers crossed. Come in and sit down."
She faked a smile and replied

"Yeah I suppose we could still go out but it still sucks big time. I was so looking forward to tonight. I don't know, It just fucking sucks."

With that she took off her coat and walked over to the empty couch and sat down, completely forgetting about the fact she was wearing no panties and as she settled down her skirt rode up, just revealing the tiniest glimpse of her nether region. Andre sat across from her and asked

"You want anything? Is there anything I can do? It sucks when you are looking forw......"

His gaze dropped and instantly noticed her skirt had ridden up and the treasure it revealed. He forgot himself and trailed off.

"What was that? You trailed off at the end there. Is everything okay." but as soon as she spoke the sentence she noticed that he was gawking at her exposed crotch. She laughs to herself realizing that her plans don't have to be ruined at all, just altered a little. She covertly pulled her skirt up a little higher and smiled.

"Its not polite to stare. I am in no way shy and if you fancy a better view you just have to ask. Be warned tho, if I show you mine you have to show me yours." Andre instantly turned red and looked away.

"I uh, I wasn't, I mean I am sorry, I couldn't help it. Its been so long I didn't realize that I was staring. I didn't mean anything by it, honest, please don... Hey wait, what did you just say, are you serious? Don't go writing checks your ass can't sweetheart". To his surprise she ped back

"Believe me, my ass and every other part of me can this check. If you are man enough to look, you are man enough to show." With that she stood up and slid her skirt off slowly. She seductively took her top off, leaving nothing but her just heels and thigh highs.
"Take a good look. Enjoy it. Then its your turn. I can even spin around if you want" The look of satisfaction written all over her face. It took a second but Andre finally ped back to reality

"Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. I am not even going to ask. I don't care how or why and I am defiantly not going to pass up an opportunity to see this out. My turn eh, no problem."

He then slid his pants off to reveal his throbbing, rock hard cock. He looked up at her to see her smile grow wider. Standing to meet her he felt his cock poke her in the belly. He grabbed her by the shoulders, pulled her close and jammed his tongue down her throat. They kissed deeply for a moment before she pushed him back

"I really like your cock" she said and spat on her hands, grabbing his cock she began to stroke it.
"I can't wait to feel it inside of me. Such a nice cock. "
He started slowly backing her up until she was forced to sit down on the couch. He then knelt down and grabbed both her ankles, pushed her legs into the air and began licking her wet slit, getting it sopping wet. Andre enjoyed how good she tasted and how beautiful her pussy looked and after some time he stood up. She slowly sat up herself, the lust and pleasure was unmistakable on her face and was greeted by his hard cock in her face. He pushed it in her mouth and down her throat before she got a chance to react. Andre proceeds to fuck her face and throat until she began gagging and tears were streaming from her eyes. Fully lost in pure carnal pleasure he reached down and pulled her to her feet, spinning her around he bends her over and the real fun began.

Authors note: I hope that you enjoyed this. It was my first time writing erotica and I had fun. Thanks again

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DDlg and D/s are my favorites.  I do have a Mommy fetish, but I wouldn't call it MDlb because I never really let her be in control.  I almost always take over.


Even when I'm not at work, I can't stop being Dominant.

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Looking to be a sub and someone pee into the diaper I'm wearing.


Sub is in the shower, you are playing the role of a robber. She steps out the shower wrapped in a towel. You handgag her and whisper dirty things in her ear, you take her to the bedroom. You proceed to gag her OTM or with tape or a cleave and tell her to keep moaning. You then tie her up and play with her feet and body before having sex

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I like taboo stepdad stepdaughter


It's got to be medical play for me. Legs spread wide and strapped into stirrups, with the rest of my body strapped down so I couldn't move and just submit control of my body to a busty woman . A catheter and my arse stretched and filled with multiple enemas would be a bonus.


I really want to know what animal plays other than the generic puppy, kitten,bunny,and pony look like


sister(abt 5 years older) and younger brother

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Unaware ball trample by a female


I have a real thing for watching women cleaning in heels, especially vacuuming. I'd like to be tied up and teased whilst they're doing it and have the hoover used on me! Strange I know!


Cosplay Vixens while comic-con is in town along with wonder woman busting my balls!


anomalacaris if you look you can find hucow animal play as well


Wearing a huge princess peach dress with my girlfriend wearing the same and going hard at it

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On 2/4/2021 at 3:05 AM, dorion said:

A friend sets me up with a kinky club date with a friend of hers who is curious about dominance. We get all dressed up: her in a slinky leather skirt and top and carrying a crop, me in a harness, bondage mitts and a collar.

She takes me in on a leash. We dance, hang out, but it's noisy and crowded and hard to talk and get to know each other. She hitches my leash to the brass bar at the bar. "Wait here, I have to visit the loo." Not that I could go anywhere - with my mitts, I'm stuck.

While I'm standing there, another woman approaches. She's not wearing leather - just a sexy dress and a mask over the top half of her face - but the way she holds herself, and by the whip at her waist, I can tell she's serious. "Look at you, securely leashed and all alone. I could just steal you." She steps behind me and wraps something around my neck; I can feel it poking in.

"My Mistress will be..." There is a sudden pain at my neck. I see she is holding a control box with buttons on it. She steps close, glaring into my eyes. "Be a good slave and speak only when you're spoken to. That was level 20. The collar goes up to 100." I pull back at first, but she shocks me again until I cooperate. It happens so fast. Before I know it, we are past the coat check girl and out on the street. She has stolen me, and there's nothing I can do.

Wow good story


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