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Sauna Sex. It's about to get hot and steamy

Saunas have long had a reputation for being a mainstay of gay sex clubs, but in recent years they've been branching out. Pretty much anyone can enjoy a little playing around in a straight or gay sauna; there's something liberating about the steamy gloom of them, and it's a fantastic spot for exhibitionists and voyeurs alike. Just make sure you've picked the right sauna (your local sex club is one thing; your local swimming pool quite another!) and that you have the consent of all parties involved, including those who are simply bystanders. Make sure you take a few basic safety precautions before having sex in a sauna, too - don't get up to anything too acrobatic, and stay well away from the brazier full of hot coals!

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Our tips for sauna sex  

1. Make sure you’re at the right sauna! There are gay saunas, swinger or couples saunas and sex club saunas, just to name a few. Your local traditional Turkish or Japanese style bath house may not be the right place to display your exhibitionist activities!

2. Consent, consent, consent. When you find the right sauna, follow the etiquette and rules - sometimes you’ll be in a full-blown orgy, other times it could just be you and your partner(s). Either way make sure everyone agrees.

3. Steam and fire are sexy but they also burn and leave scars. Be aware of your surroundings.

4. Sauna sex is hot! Make sure you have water with you and stay hydrated! Not only is the room sweltering, steamy and dripping with sweat but so are you!

5. Have a couple of towels. When you’re at the right sauna nudity probably won’t be the issue here - there will be plenty of exhibitions and voyeurs around - we’re talking about cleaning up after your fun! Or deliver a few cheeky (consensual) snaps to a steamy bottom and get someone’s attention!

What should I expect in a gay sauna?

Every sauna is different, some will have one price to use all the facilities, others may expect you to pay separately for what you want to use. There will be a locker or maybe private room for you to leave your things, you’ll be given a towel and a key on a wrist band as clothes are not allowed in the sauna.

There’s generally very little conversation in a sauna, it is usually silent. So you need to learn to communicate with eye contact, nods and shakes of the head and maybe, in darker areas, touch.

You will need to take a shower before continuing into steam rooms and saunas. That is expected of everyone. Sex saunas are very much about anonymous sex, so expect to be approached. You don’t have to say yes, though. Consent is very important.

How do I tell who wants to top and who wants to bottom in a sauna?

Some people use the wrist they put their key wristband on as an indication. If you’re interested in topping then pop the band on your left wrist, if you’re wanting to bottom put it on your right. It isn’t a universally used code, but it is a place to start. However, if in doubt, ask!

What do I need to take to a sauna?

Cash - as many saunas are cash only. Flip flops - as many don’t let you go barefoot. Condoms and lube - they are likely to be available in abundance but it’s worth taking your own supply to be doubly sure.

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