Never had a sissy maid before? Neither had member Claire. After finding one online, her emotions ran from shock and horror to delight and enthusiasm. Indeed, she quickly learned to enjoy her new fetish experience with a kinky crossdresser, especially when he cleaned her apartment from top to bottom!


I must admit that sometimes, life can turn out to be very different from what you expect it to be. As a female bisexual looking for a switch partner for BDSM, it seems like an open field. I’m both dominant and submissive, depending upon how the mood takes me, and like playing both roles. I was looking for either a male or a female partner. But when I met Robert, he was absolutely not what I thought I was looking for. I’m in my early 30s, attractive and in good shape. Robert was in his 50s, fat and balding. When we met on a blind date, I was horrified by his appearance. He was absolutely not what I wanted in a fetish partner.


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Sissy maid to order

Indeed, I instantly wanted to run out of the bad where we’d met, filled with shame and embarrassment. If I’d left, then it would have seemed to be another nightmare fetish dating story, but there was more to Robert than met the eye. He confessed that he had misled me when we had first chatted online. As we talked, he seemed kind and intelligent and told me that he was definitely not looking for anything sexual. In fact, Robert was a crossdresser, who specifically liked dressing up in a female maid’s costume, and wanted nothing more than to just be my sissy maid and servant.

At first, the idea freaked me out. What use would I have with a fat, balding, sissy maid? However, being a natural risk-taker, I decided to give Robert a chance, and I was very pleased that I did. I told him that he could come home with me but that there would be no intimacy, kissing or sex of any kind. I also explained that he should follow my orders explicitly.


man dressed as sissy maid
A sissy maid to serve all your needs. Image: via


Cleaning up all round

Back at my flat, Robert changed into his sissy maid uniform. I must admit that he looked ridiculous in it, but after I had applied some lipstick to his face, and placed a wig on his head, he looked much better. I also insisted that I waxed his legs and enjoyed seeing him in pain as it was pulled off. Then I ordered Robert to fetch me a glass of wine and to start cleaning my flat.

He relished the task. Robert was clearly excited, but I told him that this was inappropriate in front of his mistress, and he soon obliged. I must admit that, at first, this seemed to be a nightmare fetish dating story, but with a spotlessly clean flat, it seems to have turned out well after all.


Party favours

Now Robert is my permanent sissy maid and serves all of my needs. My favourite activity is to host parties where my female friends come and are served by Robert, who must be attentive to their every whim. To see Robert being used as a footstool, or as a human table for our drinks, is most gratifying. To be honest, I’m not sure how I got anything done before Robert became my personal sissy maid slave.

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Does the idea of having your own sissy maid get your juices flowing? Or would you prefer to be the one doing the serving? Share your thoughts in the forum
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Cover image: Chrisissy via CC BY 2.0 license



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awesome you should sell him as a service


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For a transvestite maid there is nothing better than to work for a demanding and dominant lady as her full time domestic servant paid or unpaid. For me one of the most exciting things I like to be allowed to do is when my mistress comes home for her to sit down while I lick her shoes of boots clean soles and all. It makes me feel that I am really her personal property

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