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To start off with, the last 6 months have seen a real change in my Kink life. Having become single at the start of the year I committed to really exploring my kink more, and resolving to experience the scene more, with the end goal of eventually finding a partner for a Female Led Relationship. I have been incredibly lucky to find the absolutely wonderful Lady Scarlett, she has helped me grow so much since then and has given me the honour of working towards ownership. With her guidance I hope to become the best sub i can be so that when i do hopefully find a partner i have the best chance of impressing her and proving my worth. This journey of improvement thanks to Lady Scarlett is personified by my motto: "Self improvement through service."

What this means in terms of my availability as a sub is that just for general play and servitude I am exclusive to Lady Scarlett, but if out at a club such as pedestal, which i attended for the first time last month, i am available at her discretion. Hopefully i will be attending more events with her in the futire. If i interest you enough that maybe you would like to explore something more serious, such as dating, or the possibility of a true FLR, then this is possible but wpuld be co ordinated through Lady Scarlett. I am free to talk with anybody and am happy to do so, always great to meet new people and make new friends, so my inbox is always open.

I've been told I'm a very explorational kinkster, whose willing to push boundaries and try new things, and this has been pushed much further by Lady Scarlett these past few months. Before meeting her some of my hard limits included both public play and pain. Since then as ive mentioned ive not only been to club pedestal, but actually received a hard caning from her there. As a result i have now given over all control over my limits to her, and im sure my remsaing few will not last for much longer, such is my rate of growth and boundary breaking under her.

In kink, and in vanilla life, im a very loyal, determind guy, who likes to bring as much happiness as i can to people. As for what brings me satisfaction; in the kink scene being called a good boy or a good sub, (or now under Lady Scarlett a good girl/flower) gives me the biggest endorphin rush imagineable. This is because, for me, knowing I've managed to please my Domme, is what it's all about, not sexual gratification.

I will accept I can be a bit cheeky, but I would definitely not say a brat. I tailor that side of my personality to the Dominant; if I am with somebody who wants to be completely strict, I will not let that side come out, whereas if subbing to someone who enjoys that, and encourages it, then I will act up more for them.

On a non Kink level the man behind the sub is very into politics, with a degree in it. I am a socialist, though perhaps not quite a corbynite i defintely would say im more a left leaning labour supporter than a centrist. Ed Miliband at the policy level just without the embarassing eating faces or slogans haha. Im also very into sport and have joined the gym since coming under Lady Scarlett's wing which has helped me get a lot fitter. Hoping to soon look at toning and muscle gain after a bit more weight loss.

I love movies, especially those that make you think; my favourite is the Dark Knight because of the interplay between batman and the joker, especially the sociological and pyshcological ideas behind it all.
I also love music and am a fan of genres as diverse as jazz, rap, trance, drum and bass, pop, rock and indy.
Im also a bit of a geek so a big marvel fan and also a fan of computer games.

I love to write and have a blog about my current journey. Would be wonderful if you would read and follow it here: gives you… is like an appetizing smorgasbord in Swindon with lots of hot guys to meet up with. Have a look around first if you prefer to see who’s around, or if you know what you want, search by selecting the right category "Kinky Dating”. Nobody stays alone here for long! has tons going on!

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