One member – only known as Ian – wanted to share his very own objectification story. After being used as a sex slave by a kinky friend in a latex nurses' uniform, Ian was in ecstasy. However, unluckily (or not!) for him, what she did to his penis meant he was left with a permanent hard-on...


I've always been quite a submissive man, very much into the idea of slavery and objectification. And I've always had fantasies about being used purely as a sexual object, as a mere sex toy for a woman.  When I met Alice, I thought that my dreams had finally come true. I met her through a fetish dating website. She was tall, with long black hair and evil brown eyes, with a cunning personality.  Alice looked completely innocent but had an extensive wardrobe of fetish clothes including a very fetching latex nurse’s uniform.


Time to get tied up

We had a few kinky scenes together, when Alice decided that she wanted to enact a particularly deviant fantasy with me that also tied into my fantasies about objectification. Beginning the objectification treatment, Alice started by stripping me naked and tying me to the bed. She was just wearing her normal, everyday clothes when she did this, in a very matter of fact kind of way. I was left there, facing the ceiling for some time while Alice went away to get changed. She returned in the latex nurse’s uniform; her hair wrapped up in a tight bun on her head.


Feeling comfortably numb

She told me that she wanted to use my penis for experimental purposes and that she would have to make it very numb in order to do this. To my amazement, Alice teased the end of my penis with some stinging nettles and then rubbed in some deep heat lotion. At first, the pain felt agonizing, but it soon turned into a numb feeling. She then put not one, but two condoms on me, saying that she was going to use me all night. At first, I was in ecstasy, even though I could barely feel anything as Alice bounced up and down on top of my swollen cock.


Solid as a rock

She seemed to have been using me for hours, and I gradually felt the stirrings of an orgasm deep inside me. I came explosively, but then realized that my penis was still rock hard. Alice, of course, loved this and intensified her use of my member. Eventually, she became tired, having come several times herself, and untied me from the bed. Unfortunately, Alice’s objectification treatment had worked too well. My penis remained erect and numb, and it just wasn’t going to go down by itself.


Permanent erection 

Alice found the whole thing incredibly amusing and loved the fact that I could not make my erection go away. It was like my penis had become an inanimate object and not really part of my body. It seemed funny at first, but at work the next day I had to sit at my desk for hours until everyone had gone home before I could finally stand up and expose my permanent erection. Eventually, my penis did return to its normal state, but only after 24 hours.

Alice wanted to try the whole thing again, but even for an objectification addict like me, this was going a bit too far. Alice and I are still great friends, but I won’t let her numb my cock with nettles and lotions again!


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