Not single

D/s relationship with Ask me

Personal details

Gender Woman
Age 53
Status Not single
Height 170cm
Body shape Curvy
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Redhead
Hair length Long
Orientation Bisexual
Origin England
Pubic Hair Shaved
Body hair None
Breast size C
Zodiac signs Leo

About me

I’m looking for:

  • Friends
  • NSA (no strings...)


Hi i,m a bi fem sub in a D/s relationship, i thought id put it on here but obviously not , sorry x
The next thing is , yes i,m sub, however i,m not your sub! so please dont ask me for pics, or cyber or think you can tell me what to do , it just wont work x however i,m happy to chat x

I am in a D/s relationship , and i adore him, you wont change that so please dont try has its rude and disrespectful xxx


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  • Thanks guys!
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