What are sexy foods? Are they something that might heighten the enjoyment of a date? How about foods that make you tingle or bring a sense of togetherness? The answer is, yes! Whether it’s ethnic foods, gourmet chocolate, or even the restaurant style, thinking about where you’re taking your date can mean the difference between sexy, intimate, and total failure.

Sexy Foods for Main Dishes

Some foods just look sexy. I’ve always found sushi to be one such food. Not only is it attractive in appearance but the wasabi that often goes with it gives a slight burn, thus warming those eating it. Warming is associated with tingling, and therefore, sex. Because it’s also artful food, it gets the person consuming it into a vastly different state of mind that the local taco drive-thru.

Chinese is also great. Not Americanized Chinese food, but actual Chinese. The difference is appearance, flavor, and ingredient choices. I’ll never forget my husband taking me to this amazing Chinese place on our first date and the meal he ordered me had spicy, red peppers in it. Just enough that when one hit my lips, they tingled. Later, when we kissed, both our lips tingled. It was so hot!

Ethiopian restaurants are also great for dates if you’re looking for a level of intimacy. Many of the dishes are meant to be shared and are often eaten with the hands. Just make sure you have clean hands as to not gross your date out! There are—of course—many foods that can be shared, but I suggest staying away from greasy type dishes like nachos. Sticking with Ethiopian not only shows your date that you are adventurous, but it’s delicious food as well!

Sexy Foods for Hot Desserts
sexy foods

A good dessert can be sexy too. One of my personal favorites is chocolate. Not only does it come in many varieties, but just about every decent chocolate is likely to get you kudos. If you’re wanting some cozy snuggles with your date, a rich, dark chocolate is perfect. Getting lavender flavored chocolate is comforting as well, and would also work for leading into snuggle time.

If you’re looking to stay awake, wired, and ready to jump your date in bed, a good chocolate with red chilies is fantastic! Just a slight bite and a little heat, combined with the sweetness of the chocolate is an amazingly sexy dessert!

Strawberries are always on my fav list, however many people have allergies. So be sure to check with your date first when going this route. There’s something about the sweet and tart flavor that gets me stirred. Or maybe it’s that so many movies use strawberries to show seduction. Either way, strawberries are commonly associated with sexiness, thus are an erotic choice if your date is allergy free!

No matter what you’re in the mood for, there are many dishes that scream sexy, sweet, comforting, passionate, sensual, and just about any feeling you’d like to convey. If you see and taste a food, pay attention to how it makes you feel. The right main course followed by a delicious dessert can certainly help with where the date goes next!

Sienna Saint-Cyr writes erotica and blogs about kink, poly, body image, and most things relating. Follow her at siennasaintcyr.wordpress.com or on Twitter @siennasaintcyr.
© slgckgc and Ryan Mc Bride


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