Personal details

Gender Man
Age 65
Status Single
Height 191cm
Weight 89kg
Body shape Curvy
Eye colour Other
Hair colour Other
Hair length Short
Beard Full beard
Orientation Straight
Ethnicity Caucasian white
Origin UK
Pubic Hair Natural
Body hair Some hair
Dick length 20cm
Dick width 6cm
Zodiac sign Pisces
Languages German

About me

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  • LTR (relationship)


profile rewrite november 2020

I have been into kink all my adult life
Ideally I am looking for a slave
I am strict, sadistic, controlling and possessive
I also love cuddles, eroticism
out of kink i like film, theatre, day trips, meals out
in the last couple of years i have found a talent for writing poetry,

Desires and Fantasies
not a fantasy as such but my goal is to live a domestic discipline relationship as Owner gives you… is like an appetizing smorgasbord in Aylesbury Vale with lots of hot guys to meet up with. Have a look around first if you prefer to see who’s around, or if you know what you want, search by selecting the right category "Kinky Dating”. Nobody stays alone here for long! has tons going on!

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randomness #1

a day trip to the dales
passengers on a bus
a girl that once broke my heart
there wasn’t a lot of fuss

the eagle eyed inspector
craning for a view
the three local magistrates
sitting in judgement of you

a queue in the ocean fish bar
a Friday night in June
the Italian ice cream Read more… seller
my childhood over too soon

madness dwells within me
it snuck up way back when
it stuck a finger in my head
and said i’m so sorry friend

the golden strands of beauty
the silver threads of love
twist them into an effigy
and worship from above

there was a choir of Angels
they sang in my ear
I was transfixed for seven hours
and cried without a tear

August 2021
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Resurrect my mannequin
make her bloom again
in the tangled brushwood
in the wilds where we had stood
Worship for my mannequin
let her bloom then bloom again
in her boudoir, she cried for love
for her faith and for her life
A tragedy and distorted views
TV bulletins, TV news
the Read more… breakups and the makeups
A broken heart that’s just the start
forgiveness and a disjointed story
for the love, for the glory
Water cascades over me
emotions cascading, none can see
time cascades over me;
a life cascading, for all to see.

Contrail of tears v3

A spiders web of such detail
can exist in a dying contrail?
In a sky of monochrome madness
a black and white web of kind and sadness?
Morning embers are stoked and caught
Warms my day and warms your heart
Somewhere near a baby cries
somewhere near and someone dies
Madness is a comfort blanket
in the chaos of a drunken banquet
Your love once washed over me;
and saved me from insanity
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Entanglement v2

Hearts and minds can entwine
in the second hand of time.
Finding love among the dust
of broken lives and mistrust.
All that passion all that lust
wasted on my wheel of rust.
True romance and a lovers vow
have more meaning right here right now.
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the rabbit hole of anxiety v2

down the rabbit hole with mary
our triggers get quite hairy
mask my face it’s out of place
my intentions are pretty scary

my bias for panicked anxiety
now comes back to haunt me
the 7 blocks that kill me
now wake me up to thrill me

the human conditions we Read more… share
are hidden away from our stare
my soulmate will gaze in my heart
and erase what keeps us apart
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a candle lit for those gone before,
regrets born of love and more.
I saw you back there past the veil,
destiny’s entangled but still quite pale.
as time fractured reality cracked,
you were here and had my back.
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Crave watching her take the D

don’t worry you will in a site like this

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Poetry and Rhymes.

feelings on numb
woke up too early, sick as a dog
head in a spin, rapid brain fog
my mind is broken, body is too
I remember too clearly
when I fell out of love with you
cold sweats, callous bets
reach for a bottle, drown out regrets
hard drinking continues, feelings on numb
here i am again, Read more… what’s to become
Drew Sep 2020

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Poetry and Rhymes.

ugly duckling feels forlorn
she’s not loved it’s become the norm
for love of a bad lad she is lonesome
she knows she has done nothing wrong
why no tall dark stranger to sing her his song?
a heady counterpoint to her lonely need
a fantasy of her new beginnings
a turn of ticking time, Read more… another eon passes by
Drew Nov 2020

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