Personal details

Gender Man
Age 54
Status Single
Height 175cm
Weight 88kg
Body shape Average build
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Brown
Hair length Middle
Beard Full beard
Orientation Straight
Ethnicity Caucasian white
Origin USA
Pubic Hair Shaved
Zodiac sign Aries
Languages English

About me

Interested in:

I’m looking for:

  • LTR (relationship)
  • Networking
  • Cybersex


Quiet. Obedient with a touch of sass. I am primarily submissive, but switch curious.

Not a bitch, sissy, or slut. If you ask me to be one then you obviously haven't bothered to read this. I would never serve anyone so careless.

I am a little confused in the BDSM roles and fetishes list below as to what is meant by active and passive. For handcuffs does active mean that I am actively wearing them or actively putting them on someone else? I don't think my interpretation was consistent before I gave up trying to answer all of them.

Desires and Fantasies
I would like to meet the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I'm wise enough to know that this takes time and don't expect it to happen right away. As the name says, I am cautious and am hoping to meet someone who doesn't expect me to worship them blindly. I am also open to just making friends and talking.

I would like to try long term chastity, but cannot find a good device that doesn't pinch or squeeze to the point of making my day-to-day life difficult to live. Some people say that a punishing device is the point of chastity. I disagree, at least to the nature of the punishment. My interest in chastity is giving up control of my orgasms, not a constant CBT.

I have one fantasy that I'm beginning to think is the most outlandish and freakish fantasy out there. A woman contacts me and actually acts as if she's read any of my profile.

And I call myself cautious for a reason. I'm not going to just hand out my phone number until I get to know someone. The site's message function - it's like texting for patient people.

No anal insertions
No bodily fluids
No crossdressing

If you ask me where I'm from then I'll know you didn't bother to read any of this. Why should I then take you seriously? gives you… is like an appetizing smorgasbord in Columbus with lots of hot guys to meet up with. Have a look around first if you prefer to see who’s around, or if you know what you want, search by selecting the right category "Kinky Dating”. Nobody stays alone here for long! has tons going on!

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Found all four but only getting credit for three.
Day 2 and day 4 use the same puppy image and it's only showing up once on my "found" page, so I'm thinking there's some glitch with those links.

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He spent many of his vacations doing historical reenactments. He had been a tinker in colonial Delaware, a Roman general, an Egyptian priest, and a peasant in seventeenth century Germany. It was both fun and educational and certainly broke up the monotony of day-to-day life. New challenges and Read more…new situations were always exciting.
He was excited when he found out he could act as a slave on a rubber plantation. It was a chance to experience history from a point of view other than that of the writer.
His attitude changed when he arrived and found out that the brochure he had found had accidentally been put on the rack for immersive history packages instead of the rack for kink fantasies. It certainly answered his questions about whether rubber trees were really grown in the outskirts of Chicago.
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Most of the clues for 21 take me to 22. I am interpreting things completely wrong.

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Close Encounters
“Sherrif! Sherrif! We got ‘em!”
“Calm down, Dell. Who did you get?”
“The aliens! We got ‘em!”
Oh crap. One of the deputies chose this as a good time to go to the bathroom; the other started to busily clean his desk, clearly not wanting to get involved. Sherrif Dawson took a deep breath and ran Read more…his hand through his hair.
“You’re sure they’re aliens? You and Clint have been making a lot of claims.”
“We got ‘em tied up in the back of Clint’s truck. They’s aliens alright.”
Double crap. “You’ve studied them?”
“Hell no! Not after all those government warnings about alien viruses. Once we got ‘em we kept our distance.”
The Sherrif gave a sigh of relief. When they had first started reporting aliens he had told them he would alert the government and hoped that the threat of disease would keep them from investigating further. Things hadn’t worked out quite as he’d hoped but his lie had done a little good.
“Get Marlow,” he told the one deputy., “We’d better take control of these aliens. We got special training on how to handle aliens after your first sighting,” he lied to Dell. “Better let me and the deputies unload them.”
“Good thinking, Sherrif.”
“So where did you catch them?” Dawson asked as they headed for the station parking lot.
“Out by that clearing east of the bend in the creek. I know you said not to try and catch ‘em or touch ‘em or anything, but we thought maybe we could get a picture of their ship – then we would have gotten out of there. Course we stumbled across two of them and, well, we just got carried away and grabbed ‘em. To be honest, we sort of forgot about the diseases until we had ‘em pinned, so weren’t sure what to do.”
“As you can see they got no sexual organs despite being naked. Their skin is darker than you’d find on them Greys and definitely not human. Probably has something to do with their own planet. They appear to be a new type or possibly some sort of Grey/Nordic crossbreed…”
“Clint, delete that and get away from those… aliens.”
“C’mon, Sherrif, I’ve got to document this.” Clint was trying to get a good video of his captives with his phone while staying a safe distance away from any alien viruses.
“And if their superiors are monitoring Earth communications, they’ll find out we’ve got them and destroy us all.”
“Goddamn aliens!” Clint cried out but started deleting the video. “You finally get proof of ‘em and they blow up the whole town.”
“The government wouldn’t want us causing a panic until they determine the aliens’ motive for being here, so it’s best not to tell anyone we got them until I’ve contacted them. Boys, get the… aliens,” he still had trouble saying the word seriously, “inside.”
The two deputies lowered the tailgate and slid one of the hogtied bodies out. It started to struggle, but the two of them were able to control it.
“I’m sure if this leads to peaceful relations between us and them,” Sherrif Dawson pointed up, “you’ll be heroes. Until then the government will want to keep things quiet. You two should go home and shower, wash your clothes, you know alien precautions.”
“Better hose out the truck too,” one of the deputies added as they returned for the other body.
Good one. “Yeah, a little bleach should do the job.”
He watched the two concerned citizens drive away before going back into the station. The two bodies were on the floor, squirming and making strange grunting sounds. He knelt by one of them and located the hidden zipper running down the back. It had some sort of locking mechanism on it.
“Untie them. Lock them up if they give you any trouble. I’ve got to make a phone call.”
In his office, the Sherrif pulled out a copy of the county code before making his call.
“Hello, Elegant Designs. How may I help you?” said an overly friendly voice.
“Cut the bullshit, Teri. It’s Sherrif Dawson. I’ve got to talk to one of your bosses.”
“I’m sorry, Sherrif. We’re hosting a special event and they’re all with clients. I can’t interrupt…”
“Tell them we’ve got two of your clients in lockup. I think they won’t mind the interruption.”
There was an awkward pause. They would certainly want to know if the law had any clients but would also mind that they did.
“Goddess Claire,” a dignified voice finally responded. “How are you this evening, my dear?”
“We have two of your clients,” he said as calmly as possible.
“Our clients are usually so discreet. What makes you think they are ours?”
“They haven’t mentioned you by name. The rubber suits they’re locked in prevents them from saying much of anything.”
“Oh. Those two.”
“Locals caught them in the woods. I know you own about a third of those woods, but they had wandered well into public lands. I’ve told you, you have to mark your borders better.”
“We have. Those suits do block vision a little. There’s no law against walking through the woods at night, is there?”
“No, there isn’t. Nor is there any law against wearing rubber suits in public. And I doubt that they were engaged in any,” he glanced at the book he had been thumbing through, “lewd or unseemly behaviour.” Dell and Clint would still be talking about fornicating aliens trying to propagate if they had seen anything of that sort. “And if anything like that does happen you’ve been good keeping it out of sight of the border.”
“Oh, Sherrif, some day you will have to visit our side of the woods and we will show you what goes on there. Or we can keep it inside if you aren’t a nature lover…” Goddess Claire said teasingly.
“Right now a few local kooks just think it’s aliens. I told you, any time they wander of your land we get calls about aliens.”
“It’s those masks, I tell you. Haven’t we kept our other outside activities under wraps?”
“Most locals stumbling across your other activities would be happy to watch, but seeing those suits at a distance makes people think it’s aliens. If you give the kooks any more reason to keep talking then all sorts of kooks will be coming to town. What will the rest of your clients think of your discretion if the ‘design studios’ are at the centre of every internet conspiracy webpage?”
“Point taken, darling. I also don’t think they would care much for one of your cars to show up during tonight’s activities. I will send a slave to pick up those two if you wouldn’t mind holding them a little longer. They’re really harmless.”
“You’ve tipped us off about abduction scenarios in the past.”
“Yes. Really not their thing, but now that it’s happened once they may have a taste for it. I’ll see to it that they have a stern talking to.”
“It might be considered filing a false police report if they do it on purpose in the future. I won’t be able to just let them go.”
“I’ll be sure they understand that. You really are a peach for releasing them to us this time. Consider my offer to show you our business always open.”
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Stable Condition
“Are you back with us, Hannah? – If that is your real name. It was obvious from your work that your educational credentials were false, so let’s not pretend you used your real name either. Lovely blonde hair, I think I’ll call you Flaxen.
“CRGM is what you were interested in - Cellular Reversion Read more…and Genetic Manipulation. We all start as a single cell. It splits into two exact duplicates, which in turn duplicate themselves, and on and on until something amazing happens. The cells start to differentiate into different types of tissue. Skin and bone and muscle until we have something that looks human instead of like the Blob.
“With cellular reversion we can turn any cell back into the original form. Then we can reprogram it to grow back as we want. Think about it, cancerous cells can have their mistakes removed and returned as healthy tissue. Are you beginning to understand why you were hired to steal my research?
“Of course, anyone who would steal my data would also steal one of my gourmet mocha frappes. You just didn’t know that the bottles in my office minifridge contained a special mix of the CRGM formula for you to drink while you downloaded my data.
“To test the stability of my procedure I’m pushing it beyond normal human genetics. The numbness in your feet is the cellular reversion. If Cinamon is any indication, it will hurt a little when the bones reform as hooves. So far, her progress with growing a tail hasn’t been as painful.
“You’ll both get thicker skin on your backs so that the whipping won’t hurt as much. It won’t hurt so much as to make you scream, but then by the time I’m done with your throat augmentation you’ll only be able to whinny.
“I think that when I announce that I’ve got a cure for cancer the world will accept a few personal quirks such as my desire to have ponygirls pull my chariot through public streets. For some reason the competition always hires young women to do their espionage activities which fits well with my kinky tastes. There are two other suspected spies in the labs who I will soon add to my stable. When everyone’s transformation is complete you’ll all start your chariot training.”
[Terrible pun in the title. I deserve a spanking.]
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“I’m sorry. I think I’m at the wrong office.”
“Edging makes sex better,” the young woman in the office said with a friendly smile. Paul blushed as she recited the ad he had seen. “Don’t be embarrassed. Many people have second thoughts when they come here.”
“I just… That is…” He found himself Read more…closing the door behind himself rather than leaving.
“Had questions?” Her smile turned to a smirk. “Curiosity brings many people here. We have very good advertisements. Perhaps too good if it keeps bringing people who are only slightly curious.”
Her manner was disarming and she was attractive. Curiosity was beginning to replace embarrassment once more.
“Not that I’ve ever had any complaints about sex…”
“Of course not,” she hid the smirk this time.
“What is edging?”
“Edging is a form of tease and denial,” she said matter-of-factly. He was unfamiliar with that phrase, but she continued before he could ask. “A person is stimulated to the edge of sexual climax and then stopped before they do. This is done multiple times.”
“Why the hell would anyone let that be done to them?” he thought and unintentionally said out loud.
She smirked again. “There is usually one complaint people are unaware of.” Was there a slight tease in her voice? “It’s over too soon. Edging gets you in the habit of holding back so that your partner can enjoy it longer. My name is Diana, by the way.”
This caught him off guard. “Uh, Paul.”
“We sell therapeutic devices that allow people to edge themselves so that when they are with a partner,” she lingered slightly as if to let him picture the rest, but finished, “they can give them a longer experience. Would you like to try a demonstration model?”
He had just been curious at first; this could be a story to joke about with his friends. He had never thought of the duration of his sexual activities before; this could get him a reputation with the ladies. And if he wasn’t mistaken, Diana was offering to play with his dick.
“It can’t hurt to look,” he tried to say casually.
Diana led him to what looked like a small medical examination room.
“The male version is your basic masturbation sleeve,” she said; adding, “If you know what that is. There are sensors to monitor your arousal.” She held up a devise similar to stimulators he had seen on-line but with modifications. “Remove your pants.” It was almost a command. “If you’d like to give it a try,” she added.
Paul had gotten a little stiff during the conversation and was a bit embarrassed when he took stood in front of her pantless. She just smiled at his cock.
“That will make it easier to attach the sensors. Have a seat.”
The exam table had a layer of that paper doctors use for sanitation and it crinkled as he took a seat. “So, how does this work?” Paul asked, not sure what he was supposed to do at this point.
“There are three sets of attachments,” Diana said professionally, but with a hint of seductiveness in her voice. “The first three will monitor your pulse.” His erection made the veins on his penis more prominent so, as she had said, it was easier to attach the sensors properly. “These next ten are like mini-seismographs. When you start to… twitch? They monitor your arousal so we know when you are about to climax.” This part was always a little hard to explain. “Don’t worry. The instruction manual explains how to properly attach everything.”
The next set was a group of small tubes. “These will give a burst of cool air,” she explained. “When the sensors determine you are about to climax the stimulator will stop and these will help to make sure there are no accidents. After about ten seconds the stimulator will start up again.”
It was a strange experience having small electronics attached to his cock, but Paul couldn’t deny that he enjoyed Diana’s demonstration. “What next?”
“Now, we put this on you.” Diana slid the part that looked like a masturbator over his cock and twisted the end. He could feel it tighten slightly so it wouldn’t come off. “Basic on/off controls,” she pointed out to small buttons, “or we can do it by tablet.”
Diana plugged a tablet into the device. “I prefer this for demonstrations.”
Paul looked at the windows that opened as she logged onto the device.
“Pulse rate normal,” Diana pointed out. “Cock a little frisky – not unusual for first-timers at this point. On/off – shall I?” The seductive tone was a little more present in her voice. The “seismographs” seemed to show a little more activity when she asked.
“I’m entirely in your hands,” he said.
Diana activated the device and handed Paul the tablet. He could feel subtle vibrations along his cock The detectors were apparently uni-directional as they didn’t react immediately. He could feel his heart beat faster as she turned it on and his pulse monitor jumped briefly. He could feel his cock getting stiffer and see the arousal rate rising. Paul took a deep breath and held it. He let it out slowly as he felt the desire to thrust with his hips.
He was cum- And it all stopped. Cool air flowed over his cock. The monitors on the tablet showed a drop in activity. He groaned with frustration as he felt himself going flaccid. Then it started up again.
“The first few times are the worst,” Diana assured him. “But the end results are worth it.” She sat through another near climax with him. She seemed to enjoy his frustration or perhaps was interested in his being able to perform for longer. “You’ll want to edge about eight times a night to start with. After a couple of weeks you’ll be in the habit of waiting for your own satisfaction so that she can catch up with you.” Diana’s eyes sparkled as she said “she”. “Unfortunately, this is all about changing your habits. You’ll want to use it about once a month after that or you will start to fall into old habits again and will have to start back at the beginning. Shall I prepare a bill of sales?”
Paul was once more reaching what he thought was the point of no return and could only nod yes to her question. She returned to the office, and he groaned in disappointment as he was denied release once more.
“What are S-D and D-S,” he asked when she returned.
“Oh, that’s Self-Denial and Dominant-Submissive. Most people buy these for their personal use but a few people want to use them with a partner.”
“Oh.” Paul tried to switch it back to S-D mode and got a password prompt. “What’s the password?”
“We set that up upon purchase. Dominants usually want to personalize those.” Diana returned with the paperwork and saw him playing with the tablet. “You didn’t switch settings?”
She took the tablet and entered a few commands. “Unlock,” she mumbled to herself and got the password prompt again. She grabbed hold of the device and tried to twist the opening the other way, but it had locked into place when Paul had switched to D-S mode. Paul was edging again while she was doing this and his cry of frustration rang in her ears.
“Not that easy,” she said as he unplugged the tablet from the device. “The tablet is just instructions. The on/off buttons on the device won’t function now that you’ve switched to D-S mode.” She plugged it back in and played around with the tablet controls again as Paul started to tremble from his next round. Each period of stimulation was shorter as it was taking less time to bring him to edge.
“I’m going to have to call the manufacturer. I’m sure they’ve got a master code for when something like this happens.”
She left him once more. Paul lay back on the exam table, gripped the sides, and started pumping his hips as if this might get him to force an ejaculation. Once more a blast of cool air made his cock go limp before that happened. He tried this two more times before Diana returned.
“All right.” She wasn’t the confident sales rep she had been when Paul had first entered. In fact, the tone in her voice hinted that she was delaying bad news. “The company that designed this is located in Thailand. Their offices won’t be open for another ten hours.”
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Her leather miniskirt would leave nothing to the imagination as she perched on the barstool if she didn’t have her legs crossed. Black silk stockings seemed to call “come hither” and so someone did.
“Buy you a drink?”
She turned to look at the newcomer. Coppery red hair cascaded off her shoulder Read more…and over her back when she turned to look at him. She smiled and tapped her almost empty glass.
“Another,” he told the bartender, “And a scotch for me.” He looked back at the woman. “So what brings you out tonight?”
“Meeting someone,” she said in a throaty voice. There was an awkward pause as he looked at the door wondering if he’d just bought a drink for nothing. “Or hoping to be meeting someone,” she corrected herself with a little less confidence.
He sized her up before deciding to continue. “Anyone in particular?”
“You are bad.”
“I’m sorry. Are you bad?” She stopped, seemingly thinking of something, then added in a sexier voice, “I’m looking for a bad boy.”
She was bad at this but extremely hot, and he was getting curious about where this might lead. “You have no idea how bad I can be, doll.” The doll was a bit much or maybe trying to raise an eyebrow. Fortunately, she seemed delighted to hear this – at first. Her joyful expression fell as she furrowed her brow in concentration.
“Are you so bad,” she said stammering as if looking for the right words, “that you need to be spanked or that you want to spank me?”
“What?” He was taken aback by the question but not quite ready to give up. Spanking was one step closer to naked. He should probably say he wanted to spank her, but she continued before he could.
“The whole ‘bad boy’ thing has always confused me a bit,” she admitted. Again, she seemed a little disappointed as if she had somehow failed but continued hopefully. “A bad person deserves to be punished but some bad boys like to spank women.” It was an explanation but at the same time she was confused about what she was saying. “I know that it determines which of us will be wearing the handcuffs.”
“Handcuffs?” He stood up and took a step back.
“Don’t worry, I brought some.” As she searched her purse, she pulled out a flogger. This was too much for him. “Oh, here they are!”
She held up a pair of police style handcuffs only to see him heading out the exit.
Failure. She repacked her purse and left the bar.
It was a five minute walk to the local park. Waiting on a bench was a well-muscled man whose cap and T-shirt advertised Speedy’s Pizza. She sat next to him.
“Any progress?” she asked after a few seconds.
“Tonight, I have delivered twenty-two pizzas,” he reported, “and not one lonely housewife has inquired about my sausage.”
“I had four failures this night,” she admitted. “Strange creatures, these humans. They continuously broadcast samples of their communications as if they want to communicate but don’t follow their own protocols. Could we be at fault?”
“The frequencies we have been studying specify that they are about adult relationships,” the man replied. “The council has determined that they are the ones we should be studying.”
At the appointed time, they stood and stepped away from the park bench. A bright light surrounded them, and they were back abord the ship.
“Progress,” their commander said more as a command than a question. They reported their failures.
“A week, as these humans count time, of excursions and still no progress. There is still hope. Starting tomorrow there is to be a Trudy Zyer marathon; she appears to be an expert in human negotiation techniques. According to the announcements she always gets what she wants. We shall study these files and plan your next series of human contacts.”
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Test Subject
“$100,000,” James reminded himself as he lathered up his leg to be shaved. “One month prep work, two weeks in the suit, and they pay $100,000.”
He started removing the hairs on his leg, eventually all of his body hair. The suit was porous. He would be able to sweat with it on and he would be Read more…able to bathe with it on. Hair might interfere with this function. He had to shave himself now, again in two weeks, and the night before he went in to get the suit. Then the company would put him up in a hotel in another city for two weeks so he could test it where nobody who knew him could spoil the test.
When he finished his legs he looked at the rest of his prep supplies before starting on the rest of his body. It was a strange sensation feeling cool air against his bare legs.
Corset. The suit would have one built in to give him a more feminine appearance, so he was supposed to wear this one for an hour a night to get used to it. The suit was also meant to appear seamless with his skin meaning any opening in the suit would merge into him as much as possible. This is why he also had to use the butt plug an hour a night. The one in the suit would be hollow and thin enough to allow for normal bowel movements but they wanted him to be used to it before his test period began.
Two weeks later he was shaving again. He had cut his hair short; they had told him he didn’t have to shave his head until he wore the suit but he wanted to make it easier when that time came. They would be shaving his eyebrows as well, which didn’t seem to matter as much.
The corset was getting more comfortable. In fact, he was beginning to think that his waist was slimming a little. The plug was still unpleasant but getting easier to insert. He wondered what it would be like going through his normal bathroom routine while wearing the hollowed out one in the suit.
A few days earlier he had sent in his face and hair design. He did not have a woman’s face so there had been limits to the compatible features available. He had started staring at the graphic file while he did his hour in corset and plug so that he would be used to his own appearance when the time came. His female face wouldn’t win any beauty pageants, but it wouldn’t be mistaken for an ugly sister either. A couple of drinks and he’d date her.
All was going well as he shaved for the last time. They would go over him and get any spots he couldn’t reach tomorrow. He was down to a buzz cut and had tried trimming his eyebrows. The company’s personnel would take care of that as well.
He was expecting to be more nervous at this point but was actually starting to look forward to it. At first it had been the money, but after a month preparing for this he couldn’t imagine not seeing it through.
He had gotten quite good at lacing up his corset. It was like practice had made him more flexible. The plug was – he wouldn’t say more natural, but less invasive.
Having someone else shave him was an eerie sensation. Again, it was only to the parts he couldn’t reach well enough to shave properly on his own. That was not to be the worst of it. There were the other intrusive bits that they hadn’t been able to send him prep material for. But first he was given a body cream to make the suit go on better. He had never worn latex before but had heard that there were lubricants that helped it to go on better. This suit wasn’t latex but was close enough fitting that it made sense the same principle would apply. He was used to handling his shaven body every time he showered now, but coating himself in the cream was a sensation akin to his first few days of shaving.
Then came the catheter. They didn’t send him a practice one because they didn’t think it safe for him to insert and remove it unsupervised without having any experience. But it was necessary if he was to be able to urinate without removing the suit.
“There are also sensors that will be attached to the clitoris,” the technician that fitted him told him. “The same with your nipples. We want this to be a fully interactive suit.”
To demonstrate, the tech let him finger the clit of his suit once the leads were connected to it. He felt a tingling sensation on the head of his cock when he did.
“We can’t stop your nails from growing, so we left holes for them. An adhesive will keep the suit in place.”
He slid one of the suit’s legs over his. Like latex, it took some adjustment to get it on properly, but the cream helped. Also like latex the ankle of the suit stretched to allow his foot to fit through.
“You thought of everything except your nails,” another technician said as she glued the openings in the suit’s toes to the skin around his natural toenails. “We’ve got some press-on ones if you want to start out with proper woman’s nails.”
He thanked her as he started putting his other foot into the other leg of the suit.
It was soon time for the part he was most uncertain of. The suit’s plug was lubed up and lined up with his butt hole. The lead connecting his catheter to the suit was checked to make sure it had no kinks before it was lain against his thigh. As the suit was pulled up over his hips he could feel the plug penetrating into him. It was more comfortable than the one he had practiced with but the suit was designed to be very form fitting so the slight wedgie it gave him made the plug seem more prominent than it really was. He shifted his weight from leg to leg a few times to shift the suit into a fit he could get used to.
They hooked his nipple sensors up next. “We tried,” it was explained, “to rig it so you could feel when a breast is squeezed. It didn’t work out, so only nipple stimulation is possible.”
They helped him get his arms into the sleeves and pulled the front up against him to get his shoulders in. As with his toes, they glued the openings around his fingernails. It felt a little tight against his sides and he knew when they sealed the opening up the back then the corseting affect would increase this.
The mask laying loose between his artificial breasts was stretched up over his head. Again, natural openings were made to be as unobservable as possible. Flaps of artificial flesh actually fit around his lips, the border being hidden inside his mouth. Nostril holes were open inside his nose, out of site. Even the ears had been carefully sculpted to fit around his real ears. Only his eyes didn’t get intrusive; but these openings were designed to be glued in place with a flesh coloured adhesive.
One final check was made to see if the suit was on properly. “The sealant we use can only be removed with a special solvent. In none of our tests so far has it shown signs of degrading naturally. It probably isn’t permanent, but without the solvent it will likely last for decades. Are you ready to proceed.?”
“Yes,” James said with a flutter in his heart.
Bit by bit they pulled the opening in his back shut, brushing on the sealant. He felt the corset affect slimming his waist more and more as it closed behind him. He had been told that this would melt the material together where it was applied so there wouldn’t even be a line running up his spine. When they got to the point where they met his hood he could imagine he felt the entire suit fusing to his flesh.
He looked in the full-length mirror they provided for him. He was now in the body of a tall, muscular woman. His shoulders were still a bit too broad for a woman, but the fake breasts, padded hips and narrowed waist were convincing. The corset affect made him stand up straight which somehow made his legs look more shapely. Heels would add to that, but he knew he’d have to practice wearing them first. He turned for a side view, then more looking over his shoulder. The wedgie would take some getting used to but it looked like bare ass instead of something covered by a suit. The face still lacked something. It felt tight in places where his soft tissue could be squished and it was thicker in places to better mimic female features. Not very beautiful but it still looked more like a woman and less like a guy wearing makeup. He ran his fingers through the long hair which was convincing. The right hairstyle and the face would look more feminine.
Clothes had been bought to fit his suit’s measurements. They couldn’t provide photo-ID because they didn’t have any pictures of him wearing the suit, but enough fake non-photo ID had been created for him to get by for two weeks. Hotel reservations had already been made under his fake name and a car was waiting to drive him there. Two weeks testing the suit for $100,000. Even the promise of the money wasn’t enough to stop his hand from shaking when he had signed the contract, but as time went on he had become more comfortable with the idea. Now that he had seen the final results he believed he would enjoy earning the money.
“Everybody’s body produces both estrogen and testosterone.”
“I know I spend a lot of time in an office but I do have a degree in biochemistry.”
“Yes, well men produce more testosterone and women produce more estrogen…”
“We have developed enzymes that will fool a body into producing these hormones in the wrong proportion.”
“I’m aware of which projects we are currently working on.”
“So, a man will start producing more estrogen and less testosterone and a woman…”
“What are you trying not to tell me?”
“There was an error and some of these enzymes got mixed in with products used on another project. Mostly personal hygiene products – shaving cream, shampoo, body lotion. Some lubricant. Most of it was taken off location by a test volunteer over ten days ago.”
Sandra packed her bags a day early. Things were a little cloudy in her mind, but she knew they would be coming for her tomorrow. She couldn’t remember who they were, but she knew they were trying to steal her body – somehow. She had had some weird dreams that she was in the wrong body but that must have been brainwashing… or something. Usually, a relaxing bath when she woke up cleared up these thoughts. Now she was sure that this was the body she was meant to be in.
There was something about a hundred thousand that James was interested in. She looked at the picture on the driver’s license that she had found. Vaguely familiar, but she couldn’t remember having actually met him before. After all of the unintentional hormone therapy, James was just fragmented memories of a past life. Oddly, she did know the PIN for his cash card, which she also had.
A hundred thousand… light years? Was it aliens coming to steal her body? The number was somehow important to this James guy… and also had something to do with her body. He must be one of “them”.
If she only took a little at a time she could use the cash card without having to show James’ ID. Unaware that James would never report any withdrawals made under his new persona, Sandra decided to stop at as many ATMs locally as possible before buying a train ticket. “Stock up on cash now so he can’t track me later,” she thought. “They” would always be after her but they would never take her body from her.
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Am I at fault here? (Advice needed)

For examples 1 and 2 I think it's more different internet styles. As an introvert, I think a heart response or "thank you" is all that needs to be said in some situations. Other people want more expression. Then there's the whole idea that just because you have the ability to respond doesn't Read more… mean that a conversation has to run on forever. Other people don't see it that way. It's rude to not respond or to not spill your heart out when expressing gratitude.
"Fault" is either both or neither of you. You haven't discussed and/or accepted each other's different communication styles. There's room for improvement or compromise from both of you.
Example 3 is harder to judge with the information given. Comparing it to the first two examples, she may be upset that you are saying that you are highly sensitive, but not considering her sensibilities when you reply with a heart instead of typing out your appreciation. Again, it's more that neither of you understands the other's communication style than one of you being at fault.

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“You wish to be my exclusive slave. You are not the first person to make this request, so I’ve come up with the terms I would insist upon for exclusivity. So far, nobody who claims they want to serve me has agreed to them. Being my only slave would make them my favourite slave; it sems they Read more…wanted to be the favourite without earning that title.
“There will be new cock cage rules. Instead of promising you release every so many days or for good behaviour, you will stay locked up until I want your cock inside my pussy. Being exclusive means you won’t have to worry about any other man satisfying me while you are locked away. I won’t have to worry about it either, because I’ve got a strap-on harness that will fit nicely over your cage.
“This is my favourite dildo; it fits so nicely inside of me and never fails to satisfy my desires. It fits nicely into the harness, but I don’t think it will fit so nicely up your ass. We will be using it once a day, but I will let you decide if you want to wear the harness or if you want me to be the one wearing it.
“You know how much I like my orgasms. I doubt I could go more than a week without one – ten days at the most. If you want out of your cage you just have to take a week of ass pounding and I’ll be letting you out to have your cock inside of me. And think how good that will make you feel after your confinement.
“Of course, if you ever refuse to make the harness choice I will be masturbating and you will just be extending your lock up time. You will still be a slave after all. You can earn your freedom by denying me orgasms but that only comes at the cost of you taking the dildo; otherwise, I still get my pleasure and you stay locked up.
“Perhaps I should add that if you ever do get your release you will be so thankful for the things I do to you that you will let me lock you up again. You have served me long enough to know that when I reward my slaves the promise of more rewards later makes them want to serve me more.
“It’s at this point that the others who claimed they wanted to be my one and only slave changed their minds. They were all talk and a complete waste of my time. Some of them were good slaves, but none of them were willing to do what it takes to be my only slave. If I’m going to tell my other slaves that I will no longer own them then I expect a lot of the one slave that I keep. They are not allowed to serve me anymore because they sought to deny others the privilege of serving me without going that extra mile. I have no time for such selfishness.
“So, now that you have made the same request you have a choice to make. Lock on the cage and give me the key if you agree to my terms or never serve me again. What shall it be?
“Good boy. We shall inaugurate our new relationship with a nice flogging; even good slaves need to be kept in their place from time to time. Go prepare the playroom, while I break the news to my former slaves. I will be helping to place them with other mistresses to serve, so take your time. I know. I’ll let you choose which outfit I will wear and you can get it ready for me. I know your favourites and a proper shine will take long enough for me to settle with my former slaves.”
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fetishbob69 I would love to be your sex toy and human toilet sweetie I would love to be your sex toy and human toilet sweetie
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I'm crazy about you
I've got the straight jacket if you want to do something about it.

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