Multiple Orgasms

Are multiple orgasms a myth?

Find out if multiple orgasms exist

Some think multiple orgasms are a myth - but you can take it from us that they most certainly are not! You'll probably need to work on varying intensity and overcoming sensitivity to make them happen, but most AFAB (assigned female at birth) people can get there with a little practice. Start by focusing on what works best for you already, and see how you feel about picking straight back up after you've climaxed. You might like to experiment with edging as part of the process; bringing yourself (or asking a partner to bring you) right to the edge of your tolerance and then backing off before you actually orgasm can help you learn how to have multiples, and even if it doesn't it's likely to be a great deal of fun.

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Do multiple orgasms really exist?

Yes, in studied up to 15% of women asked say they have more than one orgasm during sexual stimulation. It is relatively rare as 1 in 3 women struggle to come from sexual stimulation at all.

How do you have multiple orgasms?

There isn’t one particular way to have more than one orgasm. It can be that stimulating the G-spot can help prompt multiple orgasms, also avoiding overstimulating the clitoris can help as it is very sensitive indeed. However, mentally being prepared for more than one orgasm can be crucial as when you’re thinking of other things, you can’t concentrate on pleasure. So relax, take your time and give it a go.

Can men have multiple orgasms too?

Not really no. Men have a refractory period where the penis goes flaccid and can’t get hard again until this period of time is over. Some men have a short refractory period (generally younger men) and others have longer ones. They really do need time before they’re ready to come again. Doesn’t mean they can’t give someone else pleasure while they wait, though!

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