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Gender Woman
Age 37
Status Not single
Body shape Curvy
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Blond
Hair length Long
Orientation Straight
Ethnicity Caucasian white
Origin UK
Body hair None
Zodiac sign Gemini

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I'm sweet and innocent until you get to know me...but only my dom gets to see that side of me.

please don't ask me to stray from him. I can tell you now I'm not interested and I'm not that kind of sub


I'm not sure, I love being pushed and am sure I'll discover them in time

My roles & archetype gives you…

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I'm exactly the same

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Good morning sir
I stir in bed, feeling content, and sore from lasts night play session. I can feel the bruises which will start to appear soon.
I stretch and roll over towards you and open my eyes.
I watch you sleeping, lying on your back. You look so peaceful. A far cry from the dark dom who controlled me the Read more…night before. I smile at the memories and moan gently to myself as they make me horny again. A wicked thought enters my head.
I slowly move down the bed, pulling the covers with me, watching you as I do.
I gently move your ankle so I can move inbetween your legs and hold my breath, trying not to stir you. You don't even flinch. I smile to myself, very grateful you're a heavy sleeper. Bending down I kiss your cock, eyes looking up for a reaction. Nothing. Again I smile. My plan is working.
I gently take your cock in my hand and begin to stroke you, your body responding to my touch. As you get harder I lower my head and gently start to suck, my eyes watching you all the time. My tongue flicking over the tip of you. I feel you stir and mumble 'slut' before smiling.
Taking you out my mouth i lazily trace my tongue around your cock whilst stroking you at the same time. your precum starting to form and glisten in the morning sun. I know my mouth skills are working. I lick away your precum and moan to myself. I love the taste of you. My own personal drug i can't get enough of.
Lowering my head as you get to full length I take you all in my mouth, making myself gag on you. I feel your hand go to my hair and I lift my head to look at you, your eyes are still closed. I do it again, my bottom lip touching your balls as I hold my head in place, fighting the urge to gag and using my tongue to play with your cock.
'Fuck slut' I hear you mumble, both hands in my hair now. You lift my head slightly and then push it down again. I take your cue and start to bob my head, sucking harder and harder on you. I hear you moan and tense up as you grab my hair pulling my head completely off you, your cum shooting out onto my tits and face. I kneel up so you can watch me scoop your load and lick my fingers clean. The remaining cum on my tits being massaged into myself.
'Good morning sir' I say with a smile
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YorkieGent A beautiful read as I wake up... Pleased I arose early enough! A beautiful read as I wake up... Pleased I arose early enough!
Like 31.05.2023 6:28:51
Anansi69 Nice read! Nice read!
Like · 31.05.2023 3:38:20
Chuck1022 Oh you’re a good girl Oh you’re a good girl
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No sex....I've had bad sex and it just left me more frustrated than before having it.
No sex....well I have hands and toys

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The hook
You prowl around me as I stand fully naked, legs apart so my glistening pussy is on show. My hands tied together in front of me.
I stand tall as you inspect me, my heart pounding with anticipation.
You trail your hand across the curve at the base of my back, I shudder slightly from nerves, Read more…goosebumps appearing where you hand once was.
Your hand leaves my body and grabs my hair at the base of my neck. You push me towards the wall. 'Hands up slut' you tell me and hook my wrist restraints to a large metal hook in the wall just above my head.
I know the drill, my bratty self has got me into this situation before. You grab my hips and pull me away from the wall so my ass is sticking out and I have nothing to hold except the hook.
I feel your hands at the bottom of my neck, one fingers carelessly tracing my shoulder blades.
'Make me, is what I recall you saying to me. Am I correct? You ask me calmly
'Yes sir' I reply meekly as I look down at the floor.
'Do you think that's good manners slut?'
'No sir' I whisper back
'No sir' You mock me back.
You dig your nail into my back making me flinch and gasp as i feel a sharp pain. My head lifting up and rolling back, now looking up.
You keep it dug in and drag it down my back, a single red mark leaving a trail. I hold my breath my eyes locked on the hook to kerp my brain focused until you stop. I let out a long breath, my back stinging.
'Mmm' you moan in my ear gently 'that one drew blood. My nails must be sharp this evening. Wouldn't you agree?'
'Yes sir' I quietly reply.
I listen to you moving around the room, wondering what weapon your going to use on me. The cane still scares me but I don't think I've been bratty enough for that...I hope. I gulp at the thought, swallowing the collecting saliva in my mouth.
I feel you return to the side of me. I hold my gaze on the hook in front of me.
You trail the flogger's tails over my back, the soft leather tickling slightly. My breathing hitches. I'm filled with relief it's not the cane but dread and anticipation at the sharp and dull pain I know I'll be receiving. No pleasure to help me ride it out. Not when I'm in punishment.
I jump as I hear the flogger thwack, my body tense ready for the impact that didn't come. Instead you stroke the flogger over my back. I flinch at the touch, expecting harder. I know you will be smiling, enjoying the mental torment you are giving me.
I continue to stare at the hook, it's dulled metal just catching the light, adding a small shine. My breathing and heartbeat slowing down. The thwack comes again but I feel a sharp pain shoot across the top of my thighs, radiating down my legs. My toes dig into the carpet and my fingers curl around the hook. My whole body rigid. I let out a yelp before breathing out the words 'fuck sir'
'Four more' you whisper in my ear.
'Yes sir' I reply. Already bracing my body.
Instead you trail your fingers over my shoulder to the base of my neck and then other shoulder. You gentle touch making me relax. Thwack, the pain shoots down my legs again, the stinging worse on the fresh senstive skin. I cry out. I watch the hook as my body automatically reacts. My fingers gripping onto it. My knuckles white. I force them to relax, them turning pink again.
Thwack....the stinging becoming more instense, as a dull ache starts to weigh in on my thighs. I cry out again, tears filling my eyes 'owww' I whimper as the stinging starts to subside. I continue to look at the hook. It becoming less blurry as I blink the tears away. 2 more, 2 more, 2 more I repeat to myself, a little mantra as I force my breathing to slow down.
Thwack. My legs lock as the sting becomes unbearable, my back arching instead, needing to release the energy radiating through my thighs. 'Fuck' i growl out through gritted teeth. My eyes holding onto the hook, whilst a tear rolls down my cheek.
Thwack! The sadistic nature in you gives me all your strength for my last one. The stinging and dull ache become too much and my legs give way. I cry out again. The pain my body is feeling being mimicked in my voice. My body now flush against the wall I don't look at the hook, I know it's there, holding me up. My hands gripping onto the restraints.
My thighs are burning, heat radiating down and around my ass. I'm sobbing gently to myself, tears falling from my eyes.
I feel your hand gently release my wrists, as your other holds onto my waist. With my wrists released I let my body fall into you, we sink to the floor, my body curled up on your knee.
You kiss my forehead and wipe away from tears, gently shushing me, your lips by my ear.
My fingers curl up, gripping your t-shirt.
'Good girl' you tell me 'you took that beautifully'
'Thank you sir' I smile as I close my eyes, sinking into you
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Goddess_Fifi Beautifully written. Beautifully written.
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macattack9 Love this ;) Love this ;)
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**TW** Rabbit hole

Wow....just wow

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Walking into a pub you hear my laugh, a sound you love. You see me at the bar, a skin tight black dress hugging my curves with matching heels extenuating my legs. There's a guy stood next to me, leering at me. You know exactly what he wants and a surge of possessiveness washes over you.
I laugh Read more…again as he leans in and whispers something in my ear, his hand on the base of my back. He's getting too close to me.
You can feel rage started to swell which is pushed over the edge as I put my hand on his arm, laughing and something he has said.
No slut of yours is flirting with another man. As you stalk over you watch the barman hand over my drink, I take a sip and gently put it back down on the bar. I've not even noticed you've arrived.
Pushing past the handsy guy, you grab my elbow and growl in my ear
'We're leaving. Now'
I jump and turn to face you. 'Hi' I say brightly 'this is jo..'
'I don't care' you interrupt me 'I said we're leaving. Now!'
'Oh, but I've just got a dri' 'now! Slut'
I whince as you squeeze my arm and also at the use of my nickname in public. Something we never do in front of people we don't know.
The guy starts to protest at your force being used on me but you don't care. You drag me from my bar stool and pull me into the night air. I stumble after you, struggling to keep up in my stilettos
You pause as the cool air hits you and you let yourself calm slightly.
'I'm sorry sir' I say meekly, not fully understanding what I've done wrong but knowing you're annoyed at me 'I was just chatting'
'Don't ever let another man touch you!' You shout at me.'You're mine. You belong to me and I don't share my toys!'
I immediately shy away. I feel ashamed i hadnt noticed, the couple od frinls id already had letting my guard down
'or do I need to remind you whore, who you belong to?'
I gulp underneath your hand, you can feel me growing nervous, apprehensive, knowing you're in for a punishment but not knowing what....or where.
I shake my head slightly under your grip 'no sir' I whisper 'I'm yours. I belong to you'
You sneer at me 'I don't think you knew that back in that bar'
I try ro reply again but you release my throat and grab my arm again tightly, pulling me down a dark street, towards your parked car. You push me roughly, my back hitting your passenger door hard. I moan from the impact.
Your legs either side of me, blocking me in, standing tall over me, intimidating. I look up at you and gently stroke your cheek trying to placate you.
'I'm yours sir' I tell you softly 'I don't want anyone else' you scoff at me, your bad mood not wavering 'prove it' you tell me.
'Show me what's mine'
I smile seductively at you and let my hand slowly run down my stomach to the hem of my dress which is half way down my thigh. Your eyes following my movements.
Grabbing the hem I pull it upwards, my other hand moving to pull my wet thong to one side as I move my legs as wide apart as I can, with you blocking me in.
You can smell me now, the animal in you being woken. A low growl espaces your lips
I moan as my finger rubs over my clit, it going deeper towards my pussy. I moan again as my hips buck forwards slightly, coating my finger. I pull it away from me,my pussy screaming to be touched more but being denied, and place my pussy coated finger on your lips. 'Taste me sir' I whisper.
You open your mouth and let me put my finger inside. You suck on it, your tongue twirling over my finger, my pussy wishing it was her your tongue was playing with.
You grab my throat again and push me back, my head resting on the top of your car 'fuck slut' you growl, every ounce of your being wanting to ravage me and claim me right here and now.
Your other hand releases your cock from your jeans and then pushes me up, making me wrap my legs around your waist for support. Ripping my panties off my body you stuff them in my mouth and pound your cock into me hard. I cry out, it muffled by my gag.
You don't care, both hands now on my hips you use me like a rag doll, pounding into me, bouncing my body on and off your cock.
You watch my tits bounce underneath my dress, no bra as instructed, the cool night air making nipples pronounced. My fingernails dig into your arms as I start to climax. The pain mixed with the gush of wetness you can feel running down your balls sends you over the edge and you release your sticky cum into me. You kiss me hard, forcing your tongue into my mouth and I greedily kiss you back.
You carry on bouncing me on your cock, draining yourself into me before setting me back down on the ground and tidying yourself up.
I look well and truly fucked, my dress hugging my waist and hair ruffled, my cheeks flushed and lipstick smeered. You smile to yourself, knowing I'm going to smell of your cum as it seeps out of me with no panties to catch it.
You watch as I try to sort myself out, smoothing down my hair and straightening my dress. No one can deny I'm already owned now.
You grab my hand and lead me back towards town.
'Well, my owned slut. I could do with a drink'
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RoseLips Bloody love this!!!! Made me so wet reading it 😈😈😈 Bloody love this!!!! Made me so wet reading it 😈😈😈
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Lilbrat04 Ngl this has truly made me soaked Ngl this has truly made me soaked
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Deleted profile Well I fucking love this Well I fucking love this
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Want you back
You watch as my car pulls up in the park carpark. You know i come here to get away from the world and clear my head so it wouldn't be long before I appear. Your breath catches as i leave my car and unload my dogs. I look effortlessly beautiful. My jeans hugging my curves and showing off my ass, a Read more…tank top just revealing a small bit of clevege and my hair pulled back in a ponytail some strands loose and framing my face gently. The memory of my gasps and moans as you grab my hair pull it hard turning you on. you hold yourself back from getting out your car and following your desires. You want to wrap your hand around my throat and make me submit to you again, to hear me moan for you. You want to feel me in your arms, they feel empty without me.
You're lost in your thoughts you dont realise i have spotted you, standing staring at your car. Tears threatening to fall from my eyes. You go to open your car door but i turn and walk away. A lump forms in your throat. I dont want you. Both my dogs are eager to get on their walk. A walk we have done together so often. A special place of mine I let you into.
You hesitant, unsure for the first time with me, do I want to talk to you after our disagreement. A disagreement we couldn't work past that led me to walk away from you. You miss me, an ache in your heart that won't go away. A want and need no other person can fulfil.
You shake your head and give yourself a good talking to you. 'You love this woman, fight for her, your her dom, you own her, make her yours again. Make her remember where she belongs'
You quickly get out your car and jog after me. My dogs greeting you long before I realise you're following me.
I am lost in my thoughts, wondering why you are here. Is it to torture me? Remind me what I've lost. I sigh loudly, fighting tears. My heart heavy with loss.
A loud stern voice enters my thoughts
'Stop walking away from me slut' which halt me in my tracks. My heart catches in my throat, ive missed your voice. I turn my head towards you.
'Hi" I say softly
'Wheres the sir?' You ask, normally a punishable offence.
I give you a sad smile.
You join me at my side and we walk together in silence watching my dogs explore their surroundings. The only words uttered are those to give direction to them. we reach a fork in the path where the main path continues ahead and the other leads to the right towards the woods, one we have never taken.
Your body leads me towards the right, I instinctively obey. No words exchanged.
The dogs are running ahead, enjoying exploring this new wooded area.
A small whisper comes from my lips 'I love you sir'
Them 4 words trigger a reaction in you. You push me against a tree, your hand around my throat. I moan as my back hits the bark, my mind instantly going blank, I'm yours, my body, mind and heart know it. You stand in front of me, your body pressed against me. 'I love you too slut'. Don't ever leave me again'
'I'm sorry sir,'
I hesitant before I carry on 'I got insecure and convinced myself you didn't want me anymore, that I wasn't good enough' I choked out, trying to hold a sob back.
You growled quietly
'I don't want anyone else' your knee pushing my legs apart.
'I need you, your mine.' You smirk 'Your body knows it, I can smell you already.'
I moan gently, my body betraying me as always
Your free hand pushes down my leggings, past my panties and finds my wetness for you.
'You're mine slut. Don't forget it' and push 2 fingers into me, your hand tightening around my neck. My body sudden feels alive again, woken up from its depressive slumber.
My head rolls backwards giving you more access to my neck which you kiss tenderly. I moan softly the feel of your lips on me is bliss. you curl your 2 fingers inside me, knowing you will hit my gspot. There's no teasing today, you want me to orgasm, you want to own each one I have.
My body starts to shudder as I moan and whimper quietly. . You push yourself into my body harder, holding me up, knowing my own legs won't be able to as you flick your thumb over my clit. You release your hand from my throat giving me back control of my head. I bury it into your shoulder to muffle my cries. My body convulsing as my orgasm ripples through my body. Your cock is solid inside your jeans and your dying to push me to my knees and make me take you down my throat but you decide to hold off. You will fuck me later, using me, pushing my body hard, punishing me through intense pleasure.
You pull your hand out, it covered in my cum and lick my fingers. You've missed my taste too much to make me do my own clean up. My head rests on your shoulder as I let my breathing regulate again.
Your arms wrap around me and we hold our embrace. Both breathing in each other, the world suddenly right again.
'I love you, my little slut'
'I love you too sir'
'I love you more' you reply
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Iserlohn Sounds familiar. Sounds familiar.
Like · 17.05.2023 12:51:38
jodindbudspllworld WOW wish that was me WOW wish that was me
Like · 14.05.2023 13:39:24
west-concord232 That was extremely well written. Absolutely amazing job. 👍🏻 That was extremely well written. Absolutely amazing job. 👍🏻
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Memory of you
I lie in a cold empty bed and stare at the place next to me where you once lay.
With tears threatening to fall I turn over and curl up into a ball, feeling lost and alone.
I smile at the memory of your arms around me, spooning me, making me feel safe and loved.
Your palm spread over my stomach as Read more…your other hand teases my breasts and the nipples. You pull me closer, the memory of your hard cock hitting the base of my back. I move my ass so the memory can move down, giving you access to tease me more.
The hand on my stomach moves down to my wet pussy, my own hand mimicking the memory. I moan softly as fingers enter me and roll onto my back.
The memory of you climbs ontop of me and enters me, my fingers trying in vain in replicate the feeling of you, my other hand playing with my clit as you thrust hard into me. I can feel my orgasm building and let my body shudder, no one to tell me I can't cum yet. The silence is overwhelming, no sweet words uttered to me, no one telling me I'm a good slut.
As my orgasm subsides the tears fall from my eyes.
I miss my sir
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Isme 💔 💔
Likedoubletrouble129 · 09.05.2023 21:33:43
Iserlohn Stop stop stop Stop stop stop
Likedoubletrouble129 · 09.05.2023 0:18:06
Kimber469ing 💙 💙
Likedoubletrouble129 · 09.05.2023 0:07:19
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Spanking/Punishment advice and Ideas.

Of course, I mainly get funishments

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Bad mood
I'm curled up on the sofa, brew in one hand, book in the other, lost in the fantasy world in the pages before me.
The front door opening makes me jump followed by a beaming smile as you appear.
You look tired but I greet you cheerfully. 'Hi sir, good day?'
'Fine, thank you' you reply.
I chew my Read more…bottom lip, you're never this short with me, you don't seem your usual self 'Would you like a drink? Kettles just boiled or I could....'
'No, thanks' you interrupt me.
I uncurl myself and approach you, positioning between your legs before kneeling in front of you, my hands resting on your thighs as I look up into your eyes. No words are needed, just your subs eyes meetings yours, telling you I'm here to serve you.
Your hand grabs my throat dragging to me to a standing position as you stand. 'Hands behind your back' you growl at me. I immediately obey, clasping my hands together. You rip open my top revealing my supple tits. You love it when i dont wear a bra, such a good slut you think to yourself, though not uttering the words knowing I love to hear them.
Still holding my throat, you lead me around the sofa before bending me over it, my skirt lifting to reveal my round peachy ass, framed by a thong. You gently rub it, admiring me from where you stand, your dying to get your cock out and fuck both holes. You refrain, instead pulling your hand back and spank a cheek hard. I jump and moan slightly but hold my position. You do it again to my other cheek, both now with a nice red hand print of them. You stand back admiring the start of your handy work.
You leave me briefly stood there, bent over looking like a whore, and return with a paddle.
You rub it over my ass before swiping it down at full force. I whince and hold back a whimper and moan.
You repeat it again in the same spot, knowing it will hurt more. I grit my teeth through the pain and squeeze my eyes.
My ass is growing redder, you can't help but run your hands over it. I moan softly at your gentle touch, a relief from the paddle.
Another 2 smacks make me yelp and my fingers grip together so much you can see the whites of my knuckles.
'Had enough slut?' You ask
'No sir' I whimper, not letting you know how much my ass is stinging.
You let out a small huff, your sadistic side wanting me in tears and begging for mercy. You know exactly what im doing, you know im taking the abuse so you can release some stress.
You land one last strike with full force right across the centre, hitting both ass cheeks at the same time. It makes me lunge forward and i cry out. The pain radiating down my legs, it taking everything I have to keep my legs up and stop me collasping on the floor. Tears roll down my cheeks and I shakily regain composure and return to my bent over position.
'Spread your legs' you tell me
Again I obey immediately. You can smell my wet pussy beckoning you to taste it, my body betraying me telling you how much I love them pain you out me through.
You kneel down and push me up onto my tiptoes so you can lick from my clit to my asshole. You hear me moan as you continue to rim me. You push a finger into my ass and hold it there. You can feel me push back trying to get more in. You oblige and push a 2nd finger in and hear me moan 'fuck sir' as you start to fuck my ass with your fingers. You stand, your fingers still in me and push my head further down. 'Don't move' you tell me.
You remove your fingers from me and watch me as I hold position. You know it will be uncomfortable, but you don't care. I'm here for your pleasure.
You grab my hair and pull me away from the sofa before pushing me to my knees in front of you. You stand before me and grab my chin pulling it down and pushing the fingers that have just been in my ass into my mouth. I suck them, cleaning them for you, my eyes looking up at you as I do.
'Such a good slut' you tell me stroking my cheek with the other hand.
You pull your fingers out of my mouth and glance down at your bulging cock, trapped behind your jeans.
'Get it out whore'
I bite my lip and eagerly undo your jeans, pulling your boxers down and letting your cock spring out. I lick my lips and glance up at you again, dying to lick the precum from the tip of you but waiting for permission. You know exactly what I'm thinking
'Its yours' You tell me. No sooner as you utter the words my tongue licks it up, a small trail lingering as I pull my head away. Your hands grab the hair at the back of my head and you push my mouth down onto your cock making me take you in whole. I gag immediately but you don't care. You thrust in and out, holding my head firmly in place as I continue to gag and moan, my hands still clasped behind my back as instructed. Siliva drips out my mouth as mascara runs down my face from the tears.
You can feel yourself getting close so you pull out. 'Wank me' you instruct 'and keep that mouth open'
You watch as I obey again, my chest rising and falling rapidly as I try to catch my breath as my hands work your cock. I feel your balls tense before you moan and shoot your load onto my face, you aiming for my mouth.
Cum dripping down my face and onto my chest.
You know I'm dying to scoop it up with my fingers and feed it to myself but you deny me that pleasure.
You put your cock away and walk away leaving me knelt watching you, still covered in your cum. Pausing by door you turn your head to look at me
'You're a good little cumslut'
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mexiboytoy That’s hot That’s hot
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