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Gender Woman
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Height 172cm
Zodiac signs Taurus

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Well...where do you ever begin on these things lol... I'm saphy, I'm pretty much the kinda girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, I'm quite well balanced, socially extroverted with an attuned empathetic nature.
I'm a slave, so naturally I'm pleasing to be around (it's my job lol), I'm completely loyal, I'm stubborn at times but always right ;) and I have a little bit of a minx (please note..NOT brat!) inside of me.
I'm a lover not a fighter but I'm a Taurean too....which translates to i'm territorial and animalistic and a typical nature I will lock horns with the best if you threaten me or mine in any way, shape or form. I love fiercely but I protect with my life. So, if I do get smart mouthed with ya...chances are you've overstepped and deserve it ;)

But outside all of that...I love people, I love learning and I love my lifestyle! ✌

Committed and devoted to mySir with every breath in my body. He's the other half to my whole, the Ying to my yang, the reason I wake each morning with a smile on my face. Utterly and completely....His. ❤️❤️❤️


Desires and fantasies...Hmmm...where to begin.

We all have a stronghold of fantasies and a treasure-trove of desires..but to whittle them down into what could be a reflection of reality? That's hard work. But here goes. Let's give it a bash.

I'm not by any means a 24/7 slave and nor am I interested in that dynamic but the concept of following rules that He's given, spending every moment of the day in His expectations and realising His every whim is something I find intriguing and irresistible. Personally, I don't see a lifestyle dynamic any differently than what a vanilla relationship/marriage should be...Yeah a few sprinkles here and there (ok, alot of sprinkles lol) but at the crux of it all, the connection and the respect, the trust given between the couple is what sets the foundations for what lies ahead. So that being said, I guess I desire a 'normal' relationship where I'm accepted for who I am, for my Sir to not think twice or raise an eyebrow when I kneel before Him, not because He's my Sir and it's protocol, but because He's everything I cherish and awe in a person and theres no other place I'd rather be.

My fantasies vary...theres experiences I've tried and enjoyed and would try again, which is fine in itself...but it's never the same experience you once had because you're not with that same person. We all react and thrive differently, so my fantasies I guess will never change in that regard but my experiences will.

My deepest, most thought consuming fantasy is to be outdoors, in nature and dressed in nothing but be suspended on a frame and for the riggers art to be captivating an be blindfolded and sensory deprived, to be tantalised and teased by crops, floggers and cane and then to be used relentlessly suspended and debilitated. To feel complete in servitude, to feel myself drown in a melancholy of be free of all that is for all that is given. To be slave. Utterly. gives you…

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Advice needed

I couldn't possibly add anything more prominent to this thread than what @FootTicklerUK or @FreyaNikita haven't already stated. Their advice is sound and quite correct.
Ldrs are much more emotionally and mentally challenging for those involved in comparison to rlrs and take lots of commitment and Read more… communication to surpass the hardest moments of separation where the intensity of loss is very apparent and sometimes overwhelming.
That being said, I know firsthand the rewards that comes with that 'goal' being realised and the happiness it affords and I can only wish Y/you A/all very blessed paths within the journeys you make and the paths you take ❤❤

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Hard to believe that in a little over a week, mySir and i will be acknowledging our first anniversary. How fast a year goes by!
Hand on heart though, i can honestly say, that not a day of the past year have i spent looking back at how life used to be. Ive been more than content, infact...ive Read more… anticipated and felt excitment for every passing day since the first moments W/we met each another here. Its been a long time that those little butterflies have been fluttering in my tummy and i hope it will still be that way for a long time yet to come.
I cant recall ever having felt so complete, so embraced and so very much loved as i do now....from the very depths of everything i am and have yet to be....i'll be forever grateful to the Man i call Sir. The Love of my life, the very reason my heart skips a beat and my best friend in the whole world. My soulmate. I love You ❤❤❤
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*applauds from the shadows*
This post in itself is a step in the right direction @PhantomFlogger. Every Dominant will GAIN the respect earned by Their motives, intentions and how They handle themselves. I believe, Your potential to become a well seasoned Dominant is by far apparent. Kudos and Read more… blessed paths to You.

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I love to be bitten.....but I give as good as i get in the throws of devilish debauchery 😈😈😈

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Personally I would say..relax. take it slowly....few fingers at first, a lot of patience and excitement...sensual play helps create endorphins that will allow your body to accommodate...going in straight (palm down) with a fist, I find is a lot harder to 'fit' at's probably best that Read more… your partners wrist is turned to allow the fist to become more 'narrow'....continue sensual play whilst encouraging the stretch and before you know it your partner will be wrist deep inside you and you'll be indulging in every single second...lots of lube makes things a lot smoother 😉 but if you produce enough fluid and you love the feeling of the stretch of fitting a fist then rely on your own instinct. Enjoy 😊😈😈

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How did you meet?

.....O/our electric moment was in the midst of a crowded fetish lobby...four months later He made the drive so W/we could meet (for my birthday...which was all the more brilliant)....after that, W/we met at every opportunity (normally 4-6 weeks between each visit)...W/we shared Read more… holidays...camping....enjoyed every moment W/we possibly could in each another's company ....all the time continuing to spend most of the day/night being with each another through the fetish platform whenever that 7 hour distance was between U/us.
Circumstances and O/our mutual need to be close to each another, saw mySir make the drive for the last time in August this year....come January...we'll be celebrating a year of us having been a massive part of each another's lives ❤❤......a lot of missing moments in that story but moments that have been shared with O/our closest friends here and something that He and i will cherish for a long time to come 😊

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24/7 Dynamics and daily life

I second that sentiment...thank you both and a very blessed Christmas season for you and your loved ones too ❤❤🎅

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24/7 Dynamics and daily life

I think it needs to be remembered and acknowledged that an 'A' typical s type gives their all to their significant D any 24/7 dynamic this means they open themselves up in all regards...whether that be work own personal Read more…'s all extremely relevant and allows the D type of the relationship to conduct themselves appropriately and in the best interests of their s type, when they have this level of knowledge.
This could be as subtle as giving them some space to the more extreme side of impact therapy. (For some inexplicable reason there are s types out there who find a great measure of relief from pain when they feel a little overwhelmed with the world around them) 😉
But that being said...when a submissive gives their all so that a Dominant can have that full control...the submissive also requires to know all they can about their Dominants mindset so they too can conduct themselves appropriately. So it's imperative that they are aware of relevant goings on in their D types day to day, work...children...outside influences....anything really that worries or concerns them is really handy to know 😊
There's huge reflective differences to a Dominant who wants a little bit of quiet time (which is innocent enough) to a perceived thought of 'silent treatment' because regrettably that's where our heads take us too....scrambling inside ourselves to think what we did we can best fix it....what we can do to improve the situation when in actual fact, nothings wrong and everything's positively fine and it doesn't concern how we've 'behaved' at all (confusing concept, but hopefully someone out there can grasp the intention lol)
For clarities sake...any Dominant out there is only as strong as the submissive He controls under His hand.
It's an s types role to care, nurture and respect their Dominant other, just as much as it is the Dominants responsibility to do the same for their s type.
Keeping this at the forefront of O/our minds is something that will prove invaluable to any 24/7 dynamic and hopefully allow that growth to deepen beyond anything that could be imagined.
#sharingiscaring ❤❤

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How to turn her on

I'm trying to put myself in Your girlfriends shoes here....but also with the understanding that what turns us subs on persay, can differ quite dramatically...but considering the subdued and tame approach....
😊prep her for play.
Lay her down comfortably, (assuming she's naked)...blindfold her, Read more… limit her senses so she can attune herself to Your touch then gently and slowly run your hands across her body. This isnt sexual intent. This is relaxing her and allowing her body to yield. Watch carefully for her reactions...her soft moans, her form arching...biting her lip....gripping the sheets...but DO NOT at this point, give her relief. Watch her breathing change and falter....let her NEED You.
From this point You can introduce the tails of a flogger instead of Your hands...stroke her meticulously but controlled. Know where those tails are serving a them over her clit and up to her breasts...a gentle twist of the wrist will deliver just enough of a sting that will send her mind into overdrive...
Work Your way up to slipping a hand around her throat...whisper in her ear....above all else.... (personally speaking here btw...) NOTHING turns me on more at this point than being able to decipher and recognise the excitement and hunger in His voice!...those growls are something that sends us subs right over the edge 😈😈
Happy playing!
Ultimately though. As her Dominant other You NEED to make sure she's communicating clearly with You throughout play. Being vigilant in what she likes and what she doesn't. You're a Dominant but quite clearly, You're NOT psychic.
What with already being in a relationship, one would assume Y/you both had already discussed limits and so forth. If this isn't the case....I'd encourage You to do so. It's a fundamental step of any BDSM relationship and equally a great way of knowing firsthand what's gonna drive her to be insatiable in Your hands and what's gonna instantly turn her off.....but, regardless of everything else, enjoy the intimate time Y/you both share. 😊

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Mollys BDSM Tips

I love these kind of articles because it encourages discussions and interactions between those with experience and those who are only just beginning their journeys and looking to seek the knowledge and advice that helps them take those first steps.
Maybe an ideal topic would be to accentuate the Read more… safe, sane and consensual concepts alongside the need for setting firm foundations within the individual...KNOWING yourself and the BDSM world around you is the most beneficial way forward. In a sense, learning to walk before you break into a marathon.
Looking forward to reading what this new forum brings about. Good luck Molly! 😊

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mySir ❤❤❤❤
icon-wio saphy wrote something in the forum
Desperate for that Dominant other???

Hi sparky 😊 and that's why I said there 'shouldn't be an expectation of sexual interactions'....sometimes, as part of a submissives training... (dependant on the Dominant) there are rare occasions where They will need to decipher what reactions a submissive will have to certain situations. After Read more… all, there's no point in punishing the submissive with something that they enjoy is there lol...
there's loads of different mentoring dynamics....but the key word there is 'mentoring'. Above all else everything that commences throughout training is consensual and clarified and the submissive is free to speak at will. Only clear communication will do. A good understanding to have when entering a D/s or M/s dynamic.

icon-wio saphy wrote something in the forum
icon-wio saphy wrote something in the forum
First session - a story long in the making

I'm so very happy for you both!!! I can actually feel the excitement and the relief of all that pent up frustration come pit in what I've read. Huge congrats and....welcome to Fetish 😊