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When you ask a roomful of people what their favourite of their own features are, chances are that a sizeable proportion of them will say their eyes - and plenty of people also cite eyes as their favourite of their partner's features. They're a huge part of how humans perceive faces, and we do a massive amount of communication with their eyes. This means that they hold a significance in terms of a kink dynamic, too. Some dominant partners will ask their submissives to hold eye contact throughout a scene, or to specifically avoid making eye contact as a way of heightening the feel of the dynamic.

Kinky men who have an eye fetish All men



Male (61)    185 cm, 90 kg

Friends, Pic Exchange, Cybersex, Networking

Chelmsford, UK



Male (45)    175 cm, 78 kg

BDSM Lovers, Kinky Dates, Friends, NSA (no strings...), LTR (relationship), Pic Exchange, Events & Places, Networking

Greenwich, UK



Male (31)    184 cm, 112 kg

BDSM Lovers, NSA (no strings...), Pic Exchange, Cybersex

Lincoln, UK



Male (30)    182 cm, - kg

BDSM Lovers, Kinky Dates, NSA (no strings...), Swingers

Argyll and Bute, UK



Male (29)    175 cm, 77 kg

BDSM Lovers, Kinky Dates, Friends, LTR (relationship), Cybersex

Solihull, UK



Male (62)    188 cm, 110 kg

Kinky Dates, Friends, NSA (no strings...), LTR (relationship), Pic Exchange, Events & Places, Networking

Hillsboro, USA

Kinky women who have an eye fetish All women



Female (26)

BDSM Lovers, Friends, Events & Places

Manchester, UK



Female (28)    160 cm, 50 kg

BDSM Lovers, Kinky Dates, Friends, NSA (no strings...), LTR (relationship), Swingers, Pic Exchange, Cybersex, Events & Places, Networking

Bradford, UK



Female (42)

BDSM Lovers, Kinky Dates, LTR (relationship), Events & Places, Networking

Braintree, UK



Female (38)    167 cm, 180 kg

BDSM Lovers, Kinky Dates, NSA (no strings...), LTR (relationship), Swingers, Pic Exchange, Cybersex, Networking

San Francisco, USA



Female (39)

BDSM Lovers, Kinky Dates, Friends, NSA (no strings...), LTR (relationship), Cybersex, Networking

Murcia, Spain



Female (48)

NSA (no strings...), Friends, Swingers, Pic Exchange, Friend with benefits, LTR (relationship), Kinky Dates, Cybersex

Tucson, USA

Is it normal to have an eye fetish?

If you are enjoying your love of eyes and eyeballs and it’s fun then it’s perfectly fine and normal. If you are worried about it then speak to a medical professional.

How do I involve eye contact in a BDSM scene?

Eyes are the windows to the soul and eye contact can be really sexy. You don't need to have an eye fetish to appreciate them! Demanding your sub keeps eye contact is a fun way to play with control, though clearly, that can only be done if you’re in their line of sight! You could use a mirror if you want to be behind your sub and still keep eye contact going. You can also deny eye contact, make the sub look down and avoid looking into your eyes, this denial of visual stimulation can be hot too!

I love eyes, do I have an eye fetish?

It could be, if you love the eyes more than any other feature on a person’s body or they turn you on more than the person as a whole. But if you just like a certain shade of eye colour or a certain eye shape then it’s simply a preference.

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