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An introduction to macrophilia

The literal translation of macrophilia is ‘a lover of large’ and refers to the fetish of wanting to be dominated by a giant. It is most commonly a fantasy that men have and this fetish is heavily fantasy based as there aren’t any real giants in the world. Some men enjoy trampling and queening, giving a feeling of being dominated by a woman much bigger than they are. Others enjoy watching videos of giants looming over buildings, crushing things and picking up people between their huge fingers. Lovers of large are pretty rare but it is a growing section of the porn film industry, there are more and more of them to find out there.

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What is macrophilia?

The name literally means ‘a lover of large’ but the fetish centres on the love of giants, more often than not giantesses and often is connected to domination. There is a vast difference in what constitutes a giant. For some people a few feet taller than they are works, others fantasies revolve around fantastical giants that literally tower over buildings as well as other people. Most macrophiles enjoy how it makes them feel small and submissive and many weave humiliation into their fantasies and play too.

Who enjoys macrophilia?

The vast majority of macrophilia fans are male. There is a theory that this is because women already see men generally as powerful and dominant so don’t need to make a fantasy out of it. Even in today’s modern days of sexual equality, women are still more often seen as submissive. It may also be that generally, men are taller than women, so having a woman tower over a guy can have a very strong appeal.

Is macrophilia fantasy only?

Some people bring elements of it into their lives with trampling for example, and smothering but generally it is very much a fantasy based fetish. With the invention of virtual reality headsets and especially VR porn, the fantasy is getting more and more real for all lovers of large.

I have a macrophilia fetish, is that okay?

As long as you are having fun with it then it’s perfectly fine. However, if you feel it’s becoming an addiction or is somehow getting in the way of you living your life to the full, you should seek medical help. It is perfectly healthy to enjoy fantasies as part of your sex life, so don’t feel embarrassed, embrace what turns you on.

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