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While the breasts aren't primarily a sexual organ, they're certainly popular as a secondary sexual feature, and there are plenty of kinks and fetishes that focus on breast stimulation. Many people enjoy breast bondage, which can create a certain look and heighten sensation; nipple clamps are popular tools in nipple play, and some even vibrate or come with weights for a variety of sensations. If impact play is your thing, the breasts are a great place for it; particularly if you enjoy marks and bruises, as they're prone to colouring nicely! Just be careful and, as always, do your research.

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Male (35)    170 cm, 80 kg

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Chichester, UK



Male (49)

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Male (50)

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Male (50)    183 cm, 114 kg

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Chester, UK

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Woman (29)    160 cm, 50 kg

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Bradford, UK



Woman (32)    130 cm, 39 kg

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Jamaica, USA



Woman (27)    164 cm, - kg

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Woman (36)    157 cm, 97 kg

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Rockford, USA

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Woman/Male (27/27)    150/- cm, 65/- kg

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Sheffield, UK



Male/Woman (54/51)    180/163 cm, -/- kg

Kinky Dates, Friends, LTR (relationship), Events & Places

Rochester, UK



Woman/Male (27/32)    175/188 cm, -/- kg

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London, UK



Male/Woman (56/51)    183/163 cm, 123/118 kg

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Statesboro, USA

Can you orgasm from breast play?

It is certainly possible, many people, especially women, claim that this has happened to them. There is no particular technique, but if you love your breasts and nipples played with, then enjoy experimenting to find the precise orgasmic approach to breast play that works best for you.

What is breast bondage?

This type of breast play uses the restriction of the breast, usually with rope. It’s usually a tight form of bondage that makes the breast stand up from the body. It can turn the breasts red/purple and makes them very sensitive. It’s recommended not to put breasts into tight bondage for more than 20 minutes at a time, though.

Can you do impact play on breasts?

It is certainly possible but it does carry associated risks. Thoroughly research the practise before going ahead and start out slowly as breasts bruise and mark easier than other areas such as the buttocks. Be careful to only hit the breasts too, as delicate ribs and internal organs are in close proximity and you don’t want to hit those.

How do you perform breast play?

Start out by asking the breast owner how they like them to be touched because everyone is different. Generally though, start softly, manipulating all the flesh of the breast with shorter bursts of attention paid to the nipple (it’s sensitive) you can use your fingers, hand or mouth to caress the breast or even rub your cheek against it (works well if you have a beard) or press your chest to theirs. Have fun and enjoy discovering what is pleasurable for you and your partner.

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