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There are a few ways that a person's hair can interact with various kinks and fetishes. People are often drawn to bright peroxide blonde hair, for example, while a lot of people find redheads instinctively attractive. Submissives into femdoms might look out for dark, glossy brunettes, while unnatural dyed colours can be appealing in age play or cg/l circles. Then there's hairstyle: pigtails, shaved heads and more unusual cuts have all been involved in a variety of fetishes before now!

The most important thing of all, of course, is not to let your partner pressure you into changing your appearance in ways you're not happy with. If the thought of having them pick a hairstyle or dye colour for you fits in with how you want to do BDSM, then that's great - but if not, don't feel you need to change yourself just to please them.

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Male (29)    173 cm, 80 kg

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Woman (23)    170 cm, 95 kg

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Woman (39)    167 cm, 180 kg

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What is hair fetish?

Also known as trichophilia, it is when someone finds hair, especially that on the head, as sexually arousing.

I get off on seeing hair being cut, is that a hair fetish?

As this sexual attraction is intrinsically associated with hair, it certainly is, even though your fetish is all about hair removal it still counts.

Should I tell my hairdresser that having my hair shaved turns me on?

Unless you know your hairdresser well then definitely keep this to yourself. Even if you know them well, unless you know they are kinky too (there are fetish hairdressers out there) it’s best to keep that information to yourself. They’re just working, it’s not a sexual thing for them.

Redheads turn me on, does that mean I have a hair fetish?

If the sexual arousal comes from the person having red hair, then you certainly do. It’s not a bad thing, just a fun little personal preference.

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