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Gender Woman
Age 40
Status Not single
Height 151cm
Weight 39kg
Body shape Slim
Eye colour Other
Hair colour Brown
Hair length Bald
Orientation Bisexual
Ethnicity Mixed race
Origin Netherlands
Pubic Hair Part shaved
Breast size C
Zodiac sign Sagittarius

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Property of a lovely Viking Raider

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Welcoming a new Dom

Thanks Miss.... good communication is always important. It can also double as foreplay =)

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icon-wio BadPet created a topic in New to BDSM, Kink & Fetish?
Welcoming a new Dom
Hi there, I am looking for advice on how best to introduce a new dom to the world of kink. He is very interested, but I think he is worried about finding the right level of firmness... how do I reassure him and make him feel comfortable experimenting with different levels force? I am made of pretty hardy stuff and have no concerns of my own, I just really want his first experieces to be positive so that he feels free to really let loose and express himself.
LikeEvestorm · 5 Replies
MistressMettle Communication is key. Make sure he knows that you want this and that you are enjoying it. It can be hard for new Doms to get over the cultural conditioning and guilt of hurting someone.
I would start at the milder end and make sure you not only remind him that you are enjoying it before and during Read more… play but also afterwards.
He might need reassuring after play that he's not a monster for wanting to inflict pain and reminding that you are enjoying it.
As he gets comfortable you can build up to more intense play.
LikeMissTillysue, BadPet · 15.11.2018 13:22:34
BDSM_Master Good advice #MissTillysue Good advice #MissTillysue
Like · 15.11.2018 0:22:25
BadPet Thanks Miss.... good communication is always important. It can also double as foreplay =) Thanks Miss.... good communication is always important. It can also double as foreplay =)
LikeMissTillysue · 14.11.2018 20:21:44
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Property of a lovely Viking Raider

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