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Personal details

Gender Woman
Age 44
Status Not single
Height 175cm
Weight 110kg
Body shape Curvy
Eye colour Other
Hair colour Other
Hair length
Orientation Bisexual
Ethnicity Caucasian white
Origin UK
Zodiac sign Aquarius

About me

I’m looking for:


I am a traditional BDSM Dominatrix/Mistress, looking for subs and slaves who will submit and devote themselves to me properly. I can train those willing to learn. Youngsters (usually those under 30) do not be demanding and disrespectful, it annoys me and will damage your chances. The more grown up, READ my profile first. EVERYONE do not expect me to jump, it's your job to do the leg work, I'll provide guidance but it is ultimately on you. I DON’T have the time to chase down everyone who looks at my profile but is too shy to make contact, if you are shy but interested Just send me a message that says “Hello, I’m shy” at least then I know you are interested in knowing more and can talk to you from there.

I am a cheeky sadist (not all sadism is physical pain by the way), and no I DON'T offer sex!

If you have got this far and think we might be compatible, then my pricing is detailed below. The next section gives you a heavily edited short list of the many things I enjoy.

In Person Sessions, are bookable as follows (pricing includes dungeon hire):
Upto 45 mins £90
45 mins are suited to thrash and dash, foot worship, chastity
Per 1hr £150
By the hour you can book as long as you think suitable
Additional 30 mins £75
Only on top of a minimum of an hour if two full hours etc would be too much.

Online Video/Phone Sessions, are available:
Payment in advance at the rate of £2 per minute of my time.
Can be video call (Skype/FaceTime) or phone call (you call me at the pre arranged time).

I encourage those of you who wish to express interest, to do your research you can Google me ‘Mistress Lagertha’, to be certain you are prepared for interacting, meeting or sessioning with me; (otherwise this profile would get very wordy, if I included/dupilicated everything from my website).

NOTE: If you seek out my phone number, be sure to text for permission to call first! You’ve been warned!! It’s not always suitable for me to answer a call.

Desires and Fantasies
I no longer have fantasy’s really, as I play them most of the time, so I guess it’s better described as desires for me now. However, the only fantasy I have left - which will be acted out some day, is a rough style consensual kidnap with interrogation and water boarding. I already do mild fantasy style kidnaps, which presses all my enjoyment and control buttons.
As for my desires interested but not limited to:
(You don’t have to fit every single one of these by the way)
I want subs/slaves for financial domination of an appropriately managed nature.
I want masochistic subs/slaves, so I can cause you pain, discomfort and humiliation.
I want sissy subs, as I am a professional expert at convincing sissyfication regarding make up, semi and permanent hair removal and styling - girlyfying you for pleasure or humiliation is such fun.
I want sub/slaves holes to fill with my strap on, I love giving strap on sessions, especially if I can spit roast you too.
I want slaves to sit on, hang my coat on, put my feet on etc. Human furniture is a new joy.
I want foot sluts, for foot/shoe worship.
I need more ticklees, as I ADORE Tickling.
And so much more, you are welcome to ask. In fact my don't do list is only really 4 things - NO vomit, NO poo, NO Latex (allergy on my part), NO racism. Aside from the standard - No children, No real animals.
I adore play sessions that make me laugh, at your predicament.
All genders and identities equally welcome, couples moresomes or singles.

I believe in Safe Sane and Consentual sessions, of Risk Aware Consenting Kink.

My skills include but aren’t limited to:
Rope, sounds, medical, staples, bondage, CP, CBT, CPT, ball busting, strap on/pegging, feet, stockings, shoes, canes, whips, floggers, paddles, twases, clips and clamps, gags, hoods, looners, TICKLING, edge play, wax, mummification, electro play ... and much more.

My kinks & fetishes

I like:

My places gives you…

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