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Gender Woman
Age 35
Status Single
Height 164cm
Weight 50kg
Body shape Average build
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Brown
Hair length Middle
Body hair None
Zodiac sign Taurus

About me

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I am a masochistic brat who enjoys good, rough fun.

I enjoy pushing my Dom’s buttons and testing my limits.

While I consider myself a ‘good’ slave, my submission does not come easily and I need a Dom who is experienced in handling and playing with bratty slaves. Overall, I am just after a good fun time.

Some of my most fave things to do are impact play, breathplay, bondage, public humiliation and degradation. In trusted dynamics, I enjoy CNC and primal/outdoor play.

You can also find me on Patreon:


Soft limits are: suffocation, blood play, knife play and watersports

Hard limits are mummification, ageplay and scat. gives you…

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I am a masochistic brat who enjoys good, rough fun.

I enjoy pushing my Dom’s buttons and testing my limits.

While I consider myself a ‘good’ slave, my submission does not come easily and I need a Dom who is experienced in handling and playing with bratty slaves. Overall, I am just after a good Read more… fun time.

Some of my most fave things to do are impact play, breathplay, bondage, public humiliation and degradation. In trusted dynamics, I enjoy CNC and primal/outdoor play.

You can also find me on Patreon:
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Soft limits are: suffocation, blood play, knife play and watersports

Hard limits are mummification, ageplay and scat.
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Mmm do you think I have pretty eyes?

Just wait until I am looking up at you from down on my knees with my hands tied behind my back and my mouth gagged. 😈
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Master’s Game (Part 2)

I post on reddit and Wattpad. My handles are the same Lilbratkaylah - my Wattpad link

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Master’s Game (Part 2)

Thank you - I write to journal my sexual exploits and immortalise the memories

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Master’s Game (Part 2)
*What is he doing?*
After accepting my foolish bargain for mercy, Master allowed me to “rest” while he went to fetch a few things from our room.
As if I could rest easy, when each clang or thud coming from the room sent ripples of fear throughout my body.
Just then Master walked back into the Read more…bathroom, “Mmm you do make such a lovely prey, Trouble.”
He stalks towards my kneeling body, his shadow slowly looming over me. He could see the nervous pulse fluttering in my neck, my trembling hands resting palm up on my thighs. The nails of my fingers have turned a slight tinge of blue as my body shivered against the cold hard tiles of the shower. However, the blue of my nails were nothing compared to the purple shade that now tinted my tortured nipples, still clamped and bound against the shower base.
Even without seeing my eyes, he could smell the shock, fear and arousal that he elicited from my traitorous body. Emotions he would normally enjoy and encourage, however in this moment, Master was too overwhelmed by his own raging emotions.
He had rebooked my specialist appointment twice now and, despite being concerned for my health, I had disregarded his concerns and missed the damn appointment yet again.
“So you promised to do *anything* for my mercy, slut” he said as he began to roll up the sleeves of his white business shirt. “I plan to hold you to that promise and will tolerate no further pleadings. Is that understood?”
The bite in his voice made me shiver more, my body curling tighter as if his words made me shrink in on myself. I nod in response feeling like a naughty puppy that was being berated by its owner.
Satisfied with my obvious discomfort, he began to quietly braid my wet hair into a simple plait. He purposefully worked quietly, letting the feeling of dread consume my trembling body as I await the outcome of the devil’s bargain that I had made.
Once finished, he tied a rough barn rope onto the base of my braid and draped it over the small of my back. He then went back to the sink, running his hands through the water as he started to whistle a little tune.
While I couldn’t see him, I turn my face towards the sound of his whistling.
Damn bastard was whistling the tune of “It’s Always A Good Time” further mocking me as I wait for my punishment.
I took a deep steadying breath in, lifting my tortured tits up in the process. I knew that he wouldn’t be able to resist but stare at my painfully engorged nipples, its normally pink shade slowly turning purple due to the tight bindings of the rope.
*Maybe, just maybe I can persuade more leniency*
With my hands free and with no direct order to stay in position, I begin to slowly trace my hands up my thighs, along the curve of my waist before cupping each tit in my hands - rubbing ever so slightly along the outline of the rope. A small moan escapes my lips as I continue my little slutty performance, knowing deep down that he was watching me. That the beast in him was enjoying this invitation to torment his prey further.
His fists clenched as adrenaline and arousal course through his body. He knows that I am trying to sway the power dynamic in my favour through my lustful dance.
Determined to maintain control, he picks up his implement of choice and stalks towards me.
Bending down, Master slaps my hands away from my tits and forces them back down on my thighs. He cups my face with his hand and whispers “Oh Trouble, there will be more time for that later”.
Wrapping my hair around his hand, he pulls my head back roughly causing my pouty lips to open in shock as I let out a small gasp.
“Now be a good girl and get this little toy nice and wet for me” he purrs, pressing a metal hook in my mouth as he grazes his teeth against my jawline and down my neck.
*Fuck. Not the anal hook.*
Despite the dread building in my stomach, my needy body betrays me as Master begins to bite and suck just under the side of my jawline. Eyes glassed over, I obediently open my mouth wider and begin to suck hungrily at the metal toy. My tongue swirling around it, getting it nice and wet as Master feeds off my neck while his other hand makes its way between my splayed thighs.
His fingers ever so lightly playing with my slit as he says, “Now Simon Says bend over little one and raise that ass high above the air”
He takes out the toy from my mouth and I let out a whimper of protest as I feel his hands withdraw - my cunt wet and twitching with need.
“Uh uh uh, none of that now. You chose this deal little one and I plan to make you work for it” he tutted as he puts his fingers wet with my juices inside my mouth. I suck hungrily at them, the saltiness of my need filling my tongue as I clean his fingers.
Satisfied with my performance, he pulls his fingers out and sternly taps the side of my ass - a silent command to assume the position.
Biting my lip, I lower my tits and head down to the floor. The shower tiles pressed coldly against my heated cheeks. I spread my legs as wide as I can and push my ass out.
“Good girl” he hums in approval as he takes in my predicament. Through my spread legs, he can clearly see my swollen cunt dripping wet with need and my slightly gaped asshole.
“Such a wanton display of need, Trouble. My little fucktoy really can’t help but be constantly aroused can she? If not for my control, I might find you rubbing yourself on anything just to give that dirty cunt of yours some attention.” He berates me further.
He crouches low between my legs, kissing and licking along my inner thighs….slowly working his way up to just under my slit. I can feel his hot breath on my cunt as I struggle to stop myself from pushing my aching pussy closer to his face.
Soon I feel him pour some lube down the crack of my ass and using his finger, he begins to massage the lube inside my hole. First one finger then two…then three as he lines my insides with lube. All the while his tongue licking my needy clit, keeping me aroused but denying me the pleasure of an orgasm.
I whimper as I arch my back further…offering up my ass so willingly in exchange for my clit.
He continues to flick the tip of his tongue against my swollen nub….over and over again as his fingers mercilessly pump my ass with lube.
Panting and needy, my ragged breathing hitches at my throat as I feel myself getting close to the edge. My body quivering as I struggle to hold on.
Then just as I am about to come undone, Master withdraws his tongue and begins to push the metal ball of the anal hook into my asshole. I groan in frustration, my wetness dripping down the insides of my thighs as the tip of the hook slips easily into my now gaped hole.
Chuckling, Master pushes the rest of the hook in and begins to thread the rope that he had tied to my hair through the anal hook, forcing me to lift my head off the floor and face up towards the ceiling. I struggle to balance myself as my hair is forced back by the anal hook while my tits continue to be painfully pulled down towards the floor by the bulldog clamps.
The perfect predicament bondage.
Master tests the binds, pulling against the rope causing me to whimper in pain as the hook is pushed deeper in my ass and my neck is forced further back.
Satisfied with his work, he leans back onto the bathroom wall studying me. “Now what was the second task you failed to do?” He growled, his tone clipped and abrupt.
I swallowed convulsively, “Pose Training, Master.”
Picking up the cane, Master swishes it midair as he walks towards me and says, “Now for efficiency’s sake and noting your blatant disregard for the tasks I set, we will be combining both tasks into our little game, Trouble.”
“Yes Master” I respond flippantly, still wet and frustrated from being denied.
He raises his eyebrows at me. The room suddenly feels like all the air has been sucked right out of it.
*shit shit shit*
I already felt very vulnerable, spread out naked and exposed in my current position. My body begging for my legs to start running but the ropes hold me in place, trapped.
Out from the deafening silence, I feel his cane slice through my ass, painfully pushing the hook further into my hole.
Over and over he whipped me until red welts covered my once white ass and thighs. Almost angrily, he tugs on my braid pulling my head further back. “What was that, whore” he hissed.
“N-nothing Master.” I squeak out in response, my face drenched in tears as I try and gasp for air. My ass and thighs burning with pain. “I’m s-sorry for m-my tone Master.”
Satisfied that my voice sounded properly contrite, he strokes my face as he rubbed his hands over the welts he had painted on my ass. I sighed happily as his hand smoothed over my abused flesh. He could feel me slowly relax under his touch.
Forcing his hand away, he stands up and leans against the wall across from me.
“Before we go further, what is your colour toy?” He asks.
Taking a deep breath in, I assume my previous position and say “Green, Master.”
“Very well. Simon says Kneel Up slave” he barks out as he rests the cane down on the floor next to him.
Whimpering, I force my body upright as the nipple clamps pull painfully at my nipples. I grit my teeth as a fresh wave of pain shoots through me as my bowed head causes the anal hook to dig deeper into my hole. My burning welts forgotten as I feel like my body is being slowly ripped apart from the opposing pulls of the ropes.
Taking a few deep breaths, I focus on the sound of my Master’s breathing. His calmness radiating through me as if he is controlling the rhythm of my lungs.
I hear his footsteps as he circles me - making sure that my position is correct.
“Why is Pose Training important, slut?” He asks
“To ensure that Master is not embarrassed in front of his guests during high protocol parties and to appropriately demonstrate my submission to you, Master” I respond meekly.
“Good girl. Now Simon Says Endure Position” he orders, his gentler tone indicating that he was pleased with my response.
Letting the warmth of his praise wash over me, I open my legs wider and, pulling against the nipples clamps, I rise up to a deep squat on my tiptoes. Pain shoots to my bruised tits as I force my back straight. I look straight ahead and put my hands behind my head, keeping my shoulders tight and pushing my tits forward.
Master hums his approval as he watches me assume the difficult position. Beads of sweat forming on my body as I try to focus on maintaining the pose despite the pain burning through me.
“Remember to breather, Trouble” he purrs as he pets my hair and I instinctively take a breath in. My breathing regulates as I focus on his touch.
“Now Simon Says Hands Pose.”
Keeping the same pose, I remove my hands from behind my head and stretch them out in from of me, palms facing up.
“What a good little toy you are.” He croons in my ear as he cups my right breast in his hand. The warmth of his touch making me moan as he gently squeezes my tit.
“Now for the last pose, Punishment Pose” he orders, removing his hand from my breast as he walks back over to the bathroom wall.
Making a mewling sound, I lower my chest back to the floor as I spread my legs apart and push my ass painfully high up in the air. Desperate for his approval, I flatten myself as flat as I can causing the cold tiles to push my bulldog clamps further into my already bruised tits. I arch my back as much as I can to create the nice deep curve Master likes, ignoring the pain shooting up my ass as the anal hook is pulled further into my hole.
In that moment, I would’ve happily torn my own body apart for his pleasure and he knew that.
His deep chuckle seemed to shiver up my spine and my pussy clenched again. He walked towards me enjoying the humbled sight before him.
Gripping my ass cheeks tightly, he digs his fingers into my abused flesh causing me to moan out as I shivered and panted like an obedient puppy.
“Your punishment isn’t over yet, Trouble. I’m going to edge you for 15 minutes and ****. Is that understood, whore?”
Despite being so wet and horny, all I could do was nod my head and moan again as his hand traces the curve of my ass and circled around the base of the anal hook.
A soft whimper of protest escapes my lips as he pulls his hand away but I maintain my position.
The feel of the vibrator against my clit causes my body to initially jerk forward. He taps my ass lightly and I correct my position, lifting my hips more as his increases the intensity of the vibrator.
He spends the next few minutes teasing me, holding the vibrator against my clit, only to pull it away just before I can release…I mewl in frustration ….
‘Please…’ I start, my swollen pussy glistening with cream as the musky scent of my arousal fills the room.
‘Shhh shhh I don’t want to hear a sound from you’ he says quietly, the warning in his voice clear as he brings the vibrator against my clit once more.
“How are you doing, toy?” He asks as he twirls the vibrator in my pussy.
“G-green…as an Ir-rish…l-leprechaun, Master”
He chuckled quietly at my cheeky response.
Turning his attention back to my pussy, he increases the intensity of the vibrator and holds it against my clit as his tongue starts to lick my wet lips.
I moan and rock as the feeling of pleasure courses through my body. The throbbing pain from the nipple clamps and anal hook mingled with the growing orgasm that was building in my pussy due to Master savagely eating me out.
My pussy clenching with every lick, my inner muscles spasming around the anal hook. Juices dripping down my thighs onto the tiled floor as Master continued his torment.
Just as the build up of pain and pleasure was about to reach its peak, Master stops and withdraws all stimulation - leaving me flustered and frustrated.
From my ragged breathing and the shaking of my thighs, Master knew that I was trying desperately to obey him and control the orgasm that was on the verge of exploding out of me.
“That’s my good little slut.” His soft approval washing over me as my breathing slowly starts to regulate.
He unties the rope from my hair and gently pulls out the anal hook before turning his attention to the clamps on my tits.
Releasing the clamps, I cry out in pain as the blood gushes back into my tortured nipples as he rubs them gently in his hands.
He sits down on the shower floor and lift my aching body up on his lap, as I melt in his embrace.
Stroking my hair, he kisses the top of my forehead and whispers “I am so proud of you Trouble. You did well tonight.”
I purr happily as I pull him tighter to me. He taps my ass lightly and whispers “But you still have to answer for the other two tasks you forgot to do”.
The sudden seriousness of his tone causes me to bolt up from his embrace. My eyes filled with panic, “Master…I don’t know….if I can take any more…” I whimper.
He smiles and pulls me back into his arms.
“Shush little one. We are done for tonight.” Tilting my chin upwards, he turns my head to face him as he kisses me deeply.
“After all, I am off work for the next 4 days and it’s no fun playing with a tired toy” he growls softly as he playfully bites my lower lip.
He turns on the shower and begin clean my bruised body, making sure to thoroughly scrub inside my pussy and ass.
After drying my body, he carries me to bed and tucks me into bed. He buckles my thick leather punishment collar on my neck and slides a little heart padlock through the buckle. He then attaches a chain to the ring of my collar with a padlock and secures the other end around a post on our headboard.
Leaning down close to my ear, Master places a gentle kiss on my forehead.
“Sleep tight little toy. Tomorrow will be so much fun” he whispers softly before joining me in bed and turning off the light.
*oh shit*
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Lilbratkaylah I post on reddit and Wattpad. My handles are the same Lilbratkaylah - my Wattpad link I post on reddit and Wattpad. My handles are the same Lilbratkaylah - my Wattpad link
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Masterfullkind Where can I read more?
I'd like to connect in some way if that's okay? Where can I read more?
I'd like to connect in some way if that's okay?
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Master’s Game (Part 1)
*Be Ready.*
Two words was all it took to shake my usually cool reserve.
Master K was mad.
Scratch that.
He looked like he was debating all the ways to torture my sorry ass, the cold anger burning brightly in his eyes.
He had left me for a four-day business trip with very clear instructions to Read more…complete the self-care tasks he had sent me. These were to make sure that I, not only looked after myself while he was away, but also enabled me to mentally prepare for a big high protocol dinner he was hosting in the coming week.
*But 4-days without much attention can drive any ‘good’ brat crazy. Right?*
In my brattiness, I had failed to complete 4 of the 6 tasks he sent and had completely forgotten to attend my specialist medical appointment. The same appointment he had to reschedule twice before for me.
Hence my current predicament.
I wait naked on the bedroom floor. My body starting to cramp in its folded humble position. My shoulders aching from keeping my hands crossed neatly, stretched above my head. Ass high in the air and displaying the wretched butt plug he had instructed me to wear this morning.
Just when the dull aching starts becoming painful, I hear him enter the apartment.
His heavy footsteps echoing as he dropped his bags in the hallway.
My tormentor is home.
I hear him let out a heavy sigh just outside the door.
*Definitely not a good sign.*
In a miserable attempt to appease him, I arch my back further and widen my legs trying desperately to show my remorse.
He opens the door and walks in.
“That smart mouth of yours is really starting to annoy me. Maybe I should keep you gagged for days.” He says quietly. His voice laced, not only with anger, but deep disappointment.
I tried to stop the shiver running through me and will my aching body to keep still - moving out of position now would only make things worse. I had failed to do as he asked and, instead of apologising when he first confronted me, I had mouthed off to him.
I could feel him circle me. Even without seeing him, I can feel his disapproving gaze burning through my trembling naked frame.
“It seems that my little Trouble is forgetting *her* place” he snarled as he lifted my head painfully by my hair and looked me dead in the eyes.
Cold merciless black pits have replaced his usually patient brown eyes.
“You see *you* belong to me and I am the one in charge. I think you need to be reminded of your place. You’ve sassed me way too many times these past few days. And despite my best efforts to be patient, you just couldn’t resist pushing those damn buttons. Could you, toy?”
“Try again, slut” he hissed
“Master, I’m sorry…” I whimpered out, my eyes pleading with him.
He tightened his grip on my hair, forcing me up onto my feet.
“The time for begging has long past little one. I have had a long day followed by a terrible flight. And instead of being able to enjoy my night with you, I now need to deal with your bratty ass too.” He growled as he threw me to the floor.
My knees painfully hit the floor as I scramble to a perfect kneel. Teary eyes downcast as I have been trained to do.
*Stupid, stupid Kaylah*
Suddenly a cold grin sweeps across his face. He bends down to my level, roughly grabbing my face in his hand.
“I know **exactly** what to do with you”, he said, forcing me to look into his cold brown eyes. “I think Master needs to remind this little toy that *it* is not in control of anything.”
His grip tightens as he shakes my head - forcing me to keep my eyes on him. He growls viciously,
“Up against the wall NOW.”
He yanked me to my feet and pointed to the wall across our bed.
I whimpered as I hurriedly assume the position.
Hands crossed high above my head. My upper body pressed tightly against the cold wall. My trembling legs spread far apart and my back arched as I push my ass as far out as I can. My already aching legs protest in pain as I stretch out on my tiptoes.
The perfect punishment pose.
I struggle to keep my eyes on the floor as I hear him rummaging through the old wooden chest where he keeps his favourite toys. The occasional thumping and clanging completely unnerving me as I try my best to stay in position.
Maybe if I apologise again and promise to be better…maybe he will go easy on me…
Snapping me out of my thoughts, I feel him slip a thick leather blindfold over my eyes. He snaps the metal clasp shut as the mask tightly wraps me in complete darkness.
In the darkness, I feel him lean close. His warm breath against my ear as he whispers,
“Let’s play a little game, Trouble. It’s called Simon Says.”
His hands trail lightly down my frame, tracing along my spine until its rests just above the curve of my ass.
Despite my best efforts, a needy mewl escapes my lips and I instinctively press my ass against him.
His rough hand spanks my ass, causing the butt plug to be pushed further into me.
“Did I say you could move, slut!” he growled.
“sorry Master” I whimpered as the heat of his slap spreads across my ass.
“Now I know that a smart, independent brat like yourself would be familiar with this fun game. But just in case you forgot, I will repeat the rules for you.” He purrs as he sits on the bed.
“The rules of the game are quite simple. You follow everything that Simon Says. If you do not make any mistakes, then we can call it a night and no further punishment will be warranted.”
My brows knit together as I wait to see what the catch is. Having known my Master all these years, I know that there is *always* a trap to most of his sadistic games.
He stands up and I hear the belt buckle as he removes his thick leather belt.
“However, if you lose this game…well let’s just say it’s going to be a long night for you.” he says coolly as he drops the thick belt next to him on the bed.
“Do you understand, Trouble?”
I bite my lip and nod my head.
He tutted, “Now now, use your words Trouble. Do you understand the rules of the game?”
“Yes Master, I understand” I shakily respond.
He smirks, tracing a finger down the side of my neck. His grip digging into my shoulder as he softly says
“Good. Let’s start then. Simon says, turn around and kneel up slut”.
I quickly turn around and kneel on the floor. Hands clasped tightly behind my back, back straight as my body weight rests solely on my knees.
I hear his hum of approval as I feel him circle me. His hand lightly toying with my hair as he stands in front of me.
Then I feel his fingers flick at my nipples. Gently at first, teasing them…lightly brushing past them.
I bite back a moan as I hold my position. My needy slit growing wet with arousal.
A pair of cold bulldog clamps suddenly bite down on my aching nipples. My body lurches backwards in pain as my hands instinctively grasp at my clamped tits.
“Did Simon say you can move slut!” He growls angrily as he yanks me by my hair back into position.
Without warning, I felt the first strike of the fibreglass cane slice through the back of my thighs. It felt like the wind was knocked out of me but he kept going. Smack after smack rained down on my defenceless thighs without mercy or break.
His grip on my hair unrelenting as I struggled helplessly. My clamped nipples swaying heavily against the heavy weights.
By the tenth strike, I was balling and could barely breathe from the crying. The back of my thighs felt like they were on fire and he had made sure to hit my sit spots soundly.
He runs his finger along the welts that he painted across my thighs, as he said
“Now let’s try this again little one. Simon says kneel up toy”
Whimpering, I force my aching body back into the kneeling position.
Master pulls on my nipple clamps as he threads a piece of rope through them, tying them tightly together.
Tugging firmly on the end of the rope, he says
“Simon says crawl on all fours and follow me”
I drop on all fours and crawl blindly behind Master as he leads me out of the room.
Soon the soft carpeted floor is replaced with the cold hard tiles of the bathroom.
I feel him lead me through to the shower and tie the end of the rope tight against the metal base of the shower.
The short length of the rope pulling down on the clamps, causing me to crouch down in order to relieve the biting pain from my nipples.
“What was your first task, slut” Master asks as I hear him rummage through the bathroom drawers.
“Anal training, Master” I answer.
I feel him walk closer towards me as he sticks the dildo next to me on the shower floor.
“Now what was it that you said to me last night?” He muses to himself.
“Master….i am sorry…” I whimper
Ignoring my pitiful apology, he chuckles. “Oh thats right. You said that you didn’t need to train because your hole can more than accomodate **my.tiny.useless.cock**.”
Bending down close to my face, I feel him smirk as he asks, “Isn’t that right, slut?”
Whimpering, I bite my lip and shake my head. I had forgotten about my little temper tantrum last night.
His hand whips me across the face as he snarls, “Use your words, slut! Was this not what you told me so sassily last night?”
“Yes Master” I squeaked out in tears. My ears ringing from the harshness of his slap. “I am so sorry…please…”
He places his fingers in my mouth, stopping me from apologizing further. I suck on his fingers as a way to not only appease him but to also self-soothe. Gently he wipes the tears from my face and pets my hair.
“Now now Trouble…don’t tell me that you are all bark last night? After all, I am *so* looking forward to breaking you in tonight…”
He pulls his fingers out and I feel them lazily trace the side of my neck, along the outline of my collarbone - wiping my spit down my chest to my tortured tits.
He tugs harshly against the rope, causing me to cry out in pain. “Now Simon Says humble position”
I scramble as I quickly assume the position …flattening my chest against the cold tiled floor…knees spread wide and ass high in the air.
He walks over and taps the base of the butt plug. He plays with it, pulling it out slightly only for my sphincter muscles to pull it back in. Once he had his fun, he gently pulls the plug out, leaving my hole slightly gaped.
He walks over to the sink and washes his hands, as he orders, “Simon Says take the dildo in that slutty asshole.”
Unable to see, I blindly feel around the shower floor until my hands touch the grooved base of the dildo’s suction pad.
To add to my misery, he had chosen the largest ribbed dildo in his chest. It’s 10 inch shaft covered in nasty knobs and grooves that make inserting it painful even with a large amount of lube.
I hesitate slightly, wondering if he will be kind enough to pour some lube for me.
As if answering my silent thoughts, I hear Master tapping the cane against the cold tiled floor.
My heart sinks.
No. There will be no mercy provided tonight.
Bracing myself, I force my body above the dildo. Biting back a cry of pain as the nipple clamps pull my tortured tits down towards the floor.
Squatting down, I try my hardest to pull my butt cheeks apart. Digging my nails into my soft flesh, trying desperately to stretch out my tight gape.
I take a deep breath in and trying to relax, I begin to slide the tip of the dildo into my hole. Feeling myself painfully stretched, I continue to force myself down the ribbed shaft - focusing on relieving the pain in my tits instead to help me relax.
Beads of sweat start forming on my forehead as I attempt to stretch my hole further. My body shaking as I struggle to maintain my balance, only half the dildo impaling my hole. It’s thicker bottom half keeping my body upright against the pull of the clamps digging into my tits.
“Master, please…” I beg as the pain becomes unbearable and I am unable to push it in further .
“Does my little toy need a little bit of help?” He asks coolly as he watches me struggling to stretch out my hole further.
I nod my head frantically , “Yes please Master”
He lazily strokes the cane as he thinks for a moment.
“I don’t know, toy” he answers, “The snarky little slut from last night was so sure of herself. So sure that she could take my cock so easily in her hole that she laughed at me and hung up the call when I kindly reminded her of her task.”
I bite my bottom lip and let out a small whimper. He was going to make me work for this little mercy.
“Please Master….Your useless fucktoy is truly very very sorry for being rude and dismissive of her Master.” I beg desperately, keeping my head down to show my subservience.
I hear him smirk and walk towards me. He begins to play with the strands of hair that have stuck to my face, wet with sweat.
“And what will this useless toy do for my assistance?” He asks, the amusement clear in his voice.
He continues to play with my hair like a cat that is playing with a trapped mouse’s tail. He has me trapped in his game and is offering me a small bit of rope - not out of mercy but out of enjoyment in seeing me hang myself further in his sadistic torment.
The pain coursing through my body cloud my thoughts as I whisper, “anything Master…”
He chuckles and bends down, pressing his mouth against my ear. He pulls lightly on my clamps and says “ What was that slut?”
“ANYTHING MASTER” I answer loudly
A wicked smile creeps over his face as his fingers trace the outline of my lips.
His hands wraps itself around my hair, tugging it so that my face lifts towards him.
Leaning close to me, he licks the side of my face, “Oh this will be *so much* fun, Trouble”
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jonvincis Good writing kaylah. One of the best here so far. Quite autobiographical, knowing her.
But… there are gaps and errors in protocol and decorum that need to be corrected. Sloppy.
she knows how to get in touch with me, so message me for her pointers.
And keep up the general good work “trouble” (not “Trouble”). Good writing kaylah. One of the best here so far. Quite autobiographical, knowing her.
But… there are gaps and errors in protocol and decorum that need to be corrected. Sloppy.
she knows how to get in touch with me, so message me for her pointers.
And keep up the general good work “trouble” (not “Trouble”).
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Punishing a needy brat
I am laying naked and panting. My hands bound above my head, with the ropes biting painfully on my wrists. My ankles are tied pressed against my thighs in a frog tie with my knees forced apart.
Master has been torturing me for days now as punishment for touching myself without his permission. Read more…
He has spent tonight teasing me with a vibrator…holding it against my clit, only to pull it away just before I can release…I whimper….
He looks at me and pulls my panties out of my mouth.
‘Please…’ I start
‘Shhh shhh I don’t want to hear a sound from you’ he says quietly, the warning in his voice clear as he brings the vibrator soaked with my juices to my lips and wipes it across my face.
‘I will talk and you will listen. Can you do that for me toy?’
I nod at him as he shoves my panties back into my dry mouth. My hips involuntarily thrust upwards at him in need. He smirks and shakes his head.
‘It’s this needy clit that always gets you into trouble’ he says as he brings the vibe lightly against my clit. ‘Now, you are not allowed to cum until you have recited your mantras to me. For every mistake you make, I will hit your clit 4 times with the cane. Do you understand toy?’
I bite my lip and nod my head.
SPANK! Master smacks my clit hard with his hand. I buck against the restraints and yelp in pain.
‘Use your words toy. Do you understand?’
‘Yes Master’ I shakily respond.
A sadistic smile spreads across his face
‘Ok. Let’s start then Trouble’ he says as he plays with the cane in his hands
*Fuck, I am screwed*
Without warning, he turns the vibrator up higher and presses it against my clit.
“Go on Trouble. Recite your mantras” he whispers in my ear as he rubs the vibrator against my aching clit.
I mewl needily in response.
Taking a shaky breath, I start
“M-my Master o-owns me fully and… c-completely. Every inch of m-my body is his to control….t-torment and pleasure…as he sees f-fit”
Master leans over and starts nibbling at my neck, “Go on Trouble” he whispers breathily in my ear.
I whimper as my legs start to shake. The ache growing stronger in my clit.
I bite my lip, trying desperately to steady my breath….
“M-my Master owns my m-mind fully and c-completely. He knows m-me and what I….”
My voice trails off as I feel Master slowly start to kiss along my inner thighs.
“Please….Master….i’m sorry” I beg as I thrust my hips up towards his mouth.
His eyes smile back at me as he tuts,
“Hmmm guess my little toy can’t even focus on her simple task. Maybe she needs some extra motivation.”
Suddenly he removes the vibrator and strikes my needy clit with the cane.
I cry out as he strikes it again and again…1…2…3…4.
By the fourth strike I am a whimpering mess. My tortured clit feels like it’s on fire yet still my body begs for release.
He strokes my face and presses the vibrator back against my tortured clit.
As his other hand wraps itself lightly around my neck, he whispers
“Keep going, Trouble.”
Shakily I try and control myself….trying desperately to focus my thoughts as I feel the world around me spin from the overstimulation.
“M-my Master knows m-me and w-what I need. I have n-nothing to fear as h-he is both my…t-tormentor and solace.”
He hums in approval and removes the vibrator from my clit, leaving me needy and aroused.
“Now do you remember your place Trouble” he says coolly.
I nod my head frantically, “Yes Master”
He slips two fingers into my wet pussy and snarls, “Who does this needy pussy belong to?”
“You Master.”
He pushes in a third finger roughly as his thumb circles my clit, “ Who do your worthless orgasms belong to?”
“You Master”
“That’s right.” He croons in my ear as his other hand wraps tighter around my neck, nails digging into my skin.
His hand starts fucking me faster and faster, as I feel myself getting closer to the edge.
“Are we going to be a good obedient little toy now, Trouble?” He asks as he continues savagely fisting my pussy.
I nod my head frantically, eyes rolling back as the pain and pleasure of his torture takes over my body.
He squeezes my neck tighter.
“Eyes on my Trouble and use your words.” He says sternly. “Are you going to be a good and obedient little toy?”
“Y-yes Master” I answer back
My legs shaking as I struggle to control myself.
He leans down, kisses my cheek and whispers “Cum for me, pet”
And just like that the dam that I was barely holding onto spills out and I feel myself explode in the most satisfying orgasm. My body and mind shattered.
He strokes my hair as I try and steady my breathing.
“Don’t I always take care of my girl?” He asks as he unties the binds on my legs.
“ Yes Master”
“And what do good girls say when they get to cum?” He asks
I take a deep steadying breath in, look at him and smile “More please?”
He throws his head back and laughs, “I had to get a brat, didn’t I”
**Sometimes bratting definitely has its perks**
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doubletrouble129 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Great job! Excellent read 👌🏾 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Great job! Excellent read 👌🏾
LikeLilbratkaylah · 05.06.2024 2:57:15
phoenix11091 If your talking to me no I’m not in a need of a Master I’m married to mine! Just love reading these makes you very hot If your talking to me no I’m not in a need of a Master I’m married to mine! Just love reading these makes you very hot
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CuckSlayer Are you in need of a master miss ? Are you in need of a master miss ?
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